TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Suspected NFL bully Incognito: ‘This will pass’

Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito is speaking out after allegations that he bullied and threatened fellow player Jonathan Martin, who left the team. NBC News’ Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> we're hearing from the miami dolphins player that is suspended for bullying a teammate.

>> good morning, savannah. the south florida sun send knell newspaper is reporting that richie incognito turned his attention to fellow player jonathan martin at the direction of coaches who had asked incognito to toughen him up. the report goes on to say this effort may have gotten out of control and turned into bullying. richie incognito spoke out for the first time tuesday following allegations he bullied teammate jonathan martin . incognito spoke with a local newspaper .

>> what do you have to say about the storm you're in?

>> you know, i'm trying to weather the storm right now. and this will pass.

>> reporter: that storm resulted in part because of what both the associated press and espn say their sources tell them that incognito left martin hate filled voice mails, one that used the n word . hey, what's up you half n word . you're still a rookie. i'll kill you.

>> there have been allegations that you left voice mails. i'm jonathan martin 's voice mail . what do you have to say?

>> no comment right now.

>> reporter: seen here getting into a bmw, he was also seen on tuesday receiving a brand new ferra ferrari. the nfl is investigating allegations incognito would single out rookies and young players and bully them. on and instagram six months ago, he posted this picture. there are two things richie incognito doesn't like, taxes and rookies. videotape recently by tmz sports raging at a ft. lauderdale pool hall called dirty blonde , incognito is embroiled in controversy for much of his career. back in 2004 , playing for the university of nebraska , he was convicted of misdemeanor assault after a fight at a party. that same year, the university of oregon football team released him after only one week on the team amid allegations of anger management problems. and just this year, he was issued a trespass warning and banned from the miami beach club liv. and now the allegations he bully bullied fellow player jonathan martin .

>> this one got out for everybody to see and now it's going to change the playing game.

>> probably change the nfl forever?

>> i think so.

>> the nfl players association issued a statement overnight that says in part that it will insist on a fair investigation for all involved. richie incognito who makes $3.3 million a year remains suspended indefinitely. as for jonathan martin , it's not expected that he will be on the playing field during the dolphins next game which is monday night against the tampa bay bucs .

>> kerry sanders , thank you. raises a lot of questions about locker room culture and what crosses the line.

>> and how far this went up the chain.

>> if the coaches told him toughen this guy up, then it's going to really shake up that team, no question.