TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

New moms rejoice: This bag turns into a bassinet

Bobbie Thomas drops by TODAY to show off some clever products to make your life easier, including a diaper tote that converts into a bassinet and the “Swiss army knife of brushes,” designed to conserve space in your makeup bag.

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>>> did you ever have one of those why didn't i think about that moment? well, you're about to have a lot of them.

>> style editor and author of "the power style" bobbie thomas is back with concepts that will make your life less complicated.

>> i'm really excited. first up, a very clever name and concept. knapsack. you need a diaper bag , you're ready to go. then this nap sac literally turns into --

>> what?

>> stop it.

>> changing pad and bassinet for the baby. it lays flat to be a play pad or changing pad. that's inside. the four pockets roll out.

>> that's awesome.

>> isn't it great? you can take it out, wash it.

>> adorable.

>>> next, something you should keep in your bag if you've gone into a smoky bar. you can't get the smell out. these are the world's first deodorant removing wipes. it will take the smell, sort of like febreeze but something you can stick in your purse.

>> really?

>> smell. just a couple of dollars worth sticking in your purse. and this is something that i'm obsessed with.

>> what is it?

>> they've come up with what they call the one brush. tess a pricey investment, but they claim they can swap ten of your brushes out of your bag. i was amazed. you can go from liquid -- you can go from liquid and then switch to powder.

>> it doesn't clump up?

>> no, and back again because it's goat hair t will wipe right off. the product won't stick to it.

>> what if you switch to brush?

>> bronzer, blush, switch in between. it's unbelievable. under your eyes.

>> i would have never thought that have.

>> me either.

>> such a good idea. this is the sash bag. i wanted to give you an all tern testify to the fanny pack .

>> who did this one? rolling stones keith richards wife?

>> similar. this one is a lot more affordable.

>> yeah. that is quite pricey.

>> these are all under $100. some of them start around $49. it's hands free. it has clever pockets inside and they're reversible. you can get brown and black in one bag.

>> wow! cute.

>> and pockets.

>> would you wear that?

>> i usually wear a fanny pack when i'm walking. i don't know.

>> it would be great if you're going to europe and don't want to carry your purse, traveling somewhere.

>> that's cute.

>> or in the amazon. i don't know.

>> hoda, you're going to love this one. these are called cord crunchers. wrap them around your wrist. take them in your bag. you know how your headphones get tangled?

>> yes.

>> this is the most clever thing ever. pull this out. in order to get them back, you literally slide them back so they won't tangle anymore.

>> i love this. love, love, love.

>> very smart.

>> i'm obsessed with --

>> very smart.

>> this is a helpful reminder. you can record ten-second messages on your fridge. it's a magnetic place to press the button to remember what you thought.

>> new heels.

>> this is a clever way to remind yourself if you have a roommate or kids. this is a charger, usb port that you can slip inside your wallet, 25 bucks. and this is the selfie. it's so great. it allows you to take it -- in here. take perfectly posed pictures and then you can put your phone or ipad down and you'll see that this little extension plugs in for $19. so you can set up a professionally opposed picture.

>> cute.

>> packing list, it's online.

>> packing list?

>> you can print it out, download it, print it out. it will help you to remind you of things you didn't think to pack.

>> who is better than bobbie?

>> nobody!