TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Sisters of Bruno Mars ready for their close-up

“The Lylas,” better known as the four singing sisters of pop singer Bruno Mars, talk about their musical career, their new reality show and, of course, their superstar brother.

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>>> there's not a person on the planet that hasn't heard of bruno mars, more than 45 million singles sold worldwide. he is doing all right.

>> he is about to share the spotlight with his also very talented sisters known as the lylas , who are about to hit reality tv . they are jamie, tajita, tiara and presley. hi, ladies.

>> how are you?

>> hi lylas .

>> hi.

>> lylas stand for.

>> love you like a sister.

>> who came up with that name?

>> jamie.

>> is mars your last name in reality or does he make that name up?

>> no.

>> that's silly bruno . is his name bruno ?

>> it's a nickname. he had it since he was like 2 years old.

>> when you watched his saeassent and watched him hit the stage and explode, were you surprised or did you know it was in him?

>> we knew it. and it was just when is his time and now is his time.

>> so incredible.

>> yeah.

>> now it's your turn.

>> move over, bruno .

>> do you guys all sing together as a family when you were growing up?

>> yes.

>> yes.

>> we grew up in a musical family.

>> in hawaii.

>> yeah. there was a karaoke machine since there were eight tracks. our grandparents had it. we were the puerto rican singing family.

>> you have a single out. we'll see your struggles to make it on your own in a big music business and it will probably help you and hurt you that you are bruno mars' --

>> exactly.

>> right?

>> he gets the super bowl .

>> he got a head start on you.

>> one, getting into the music industry and then being bruno mars' sisters.

>> what type of music do you sing together?

>> we grew up singing a lot of '50s. our parents had a show called "the love note show."

>> doo-wop?

>> what do you love singing together?

>> the supremes. baby love

>> can you do that one?

>> what do you love?

>> sing one of our songs.

>> do it.

>> okay.

>> okay.

>> ready? since you left i can't breathe. baby come back to me the moment you went away i could see that i lost the greatest part of me

>> little wilson phillips . it has that familiar thing. that's a real compliment. we're happy for you guys. this is going to be fun.

>> certainly.

>> you seem like sweet people. stay that way or hoda and i -- of course you will.

>> oh! well, we're all sharing.

>> you share and we'll share.

>> everybody's legal? everybody's legal. the lylas will premiere this friday