TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Who Knew: Are you capricious or loquacious?

How would you do on the SATs today? Kathie Lee puts some Fourth Hour fans to the test with math questions and word-choice problems.

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number. comfort individualized.

>>> we're back with more on this wines day wednesday. we're ready to play "who knew" and are heading back to school to see if we can ace those s.a.t.s. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store. and those who get the answer right get $100. those who don't get kathie lee 's cd. we asked this question, here it is. five plus five plus five equals 550. we said draw one straight line to make this true. please show us what you're talking about.

>> very simple. 545 plus 5 equals 550.

>> i would have never gotten that.

>> let's go across the street to kathie lee .

>> you think i come over here to play this game but the truth is that all these years i come over to visit my boyfriend, joseph. today is a special day, isn't it, hon?

>> i guess it is.

>> what is it today?

>> my 86th birthday.

>> i love this man. he is so special. happy birthday .

>> thank you.

>> i'm going to give him "scandalous" happy birthday . he would probably rather have the money, but you're stuck with that. thank you, joseph. god bless you, honey.

>>> you're from california, sir. hoda's impulsive nature and sudden whims led her friends to label her, one, bombastic, capricious or decorous.

>> decorous.

>> hee is that, too.

>> the correct answer is --

>> capricious. you are decorous because you are marked by good taste. you have to look for the clue in the sentence and that is impulsive nature. you'll see these type of sentence xlooegs completicompletions in th e s.a.t.

>>> a hot dog stand carries four types of bread and seven kond me condiments. how many different combinations of one type of bread and one condiment are possible from this hot dog stand ?

>> i'm going to say 28.

>> wow! genius.

>> she is a smart one. 28 combos.

>> that's a great job. that's the right answer. and in a math section, you're going to see math questions from tenth grade and earlier. you'll see simple arithmetic, geometriry. you even see things from seventh and eighth grade.

>> where is this from, seventh grade?

>> i would say that's in the easier part of the math section.

>> also from st. louis, because playing a musical instrument increases brain activity it is sometimes used as a what to promote learning in children? condition, highlight, stimulus or dictum?

>> i'm going to say stimulus.

>> you are a very bright girl.

>> smart. yes indeed, she's correct. stimulus.

>> she is correct. and it's important to have that strong vocabulary when you go into the s.a.t. when you are studying for this test make sure you have a great list of words . working with our company, our tutors give the students the most frequently used vocabulary words in the s.a.t.

>> there are ten rooms in a school, okay? each room contains at least 15 desks but not more than 20 desks. which of the following could be the number of desks in the school? 100, 140, 180 or 210?

>> 140.

>> she's going to going to get a lovely cd by kathie lee , that great singer.

>> the correct answer 180.

>> a minimum of 150 desks in this case and a maximum of 200 desks. you're looking for that number that's in between those two. there's only one number here, which was 180. but again in the math section, it is in order of difficulty. first third of the math test are easy questions, second-third, medium, last third, hard questions. think about where you are in the test and how much you need to focus on those questions.

>> thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it.