TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Try these 3 healthy, seasonal soups

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer shares delicious yet healthy soups to keep you warm this fall, including a creamy tomato soup and a French onion soup with beef broth and red wine.

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>>> good bowl of soup to warm you up. they can be loaded with calories. in fact --

>> our good friend today joy bauer is here to help you build a better soup. good morning.

>> good morning. good happy birthday.

>> thank you. i love you guys.

>> amazing. you look great. you look great. doesn't matter the age.

>> thank you.

>> let's start with creamy tomato soup . i love. one of my personal favorites.

>> it's a staple on most restaurant lunch mean ynus, a lot of the creamy deliciousness comes if heavy cream . a standard bowl will run you, if you can believe, 640 calories. so here's how you make ut slimmer. i take my pot. i saute it with all vegetables like carrots and onions. i add in tomato paste , a large can of the fire roasted dice tomatoes, an extra can of water. and instead of cream, i'm putting in tofu.

>> really?

>> this is eight ounces of tofu. it bumps up the nutrition and protein and you use an immersion blender . and you just literally blend it.

>> exactly.

>> it comes out creamy.

>> look at that. it looks almost the same, right?

>> the calories, 160.

>> wow.

>> it's a fraction of the calories.

>> you want to try?

>> now if you make this twice a week during the colder months --

>> i honestly cannot tell the difference.

>> that's really good. make the swap twice a week, you're going to save yourself 23,000 calories and 15 cups of mayonnaise.

>> that is really gross. okay. over here, french onion soup , another personal favorite of mine as well. but it is loaded with saturated fat ?

>> it is loaded with calories, too. all of those delicious caramelized onions are in butter. the hunk of white starchy bread and then smothered in full fat cheese. 620 calories. so here's how you make it just as delicious at home for a fraction of that. you're going to caramelize your onions and make sure that you use a little bit of olive oil or the oil spray and be patient. this is what makes the soup. the secret weapon is a half cup of red wine .

>> i like that secret.

>> use an inexpensive one. just something you like the taste of. don't spend a lot of money on it. then put in the broth as well. first let that wine evaporate so it infuses the onions. then when it's ready?

>> low fat cheese on top.

>> pop it into the oven on broil. it will be delicious. 225 calories.

>> delicious.

>> we shaved off 400 calories. you make that swap two times a week during the colder months, save your body 19,000 calories, equivalent of 38 slices of pizza.

>> all right.

>> and it tastes good. it tastes just as good.

>> all right. keep willie away from the pizza.

>> now we have the loaded potato soup. traditional version, 615 calories.

>> what they're doing is it's a lot of potatoes, lots of carbs and full fat cheddar cheese and topped with sour cream and bacon, you name it. in the light version this is super simple. what you do is you take your broth and your water. instead of adding all the potatoes, i add one chopped potato, keep the skin on to keep the fiber up and three cups of call y cauliflower. this is light cream cheese . and you use that same blender, you're going to blend it up. 300 calories. best part, make the swap twice a week during colder months, you save yourself 15,000 calories and 88