TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Run! Willie teaches Natalie how to drive a stick

TODAY’s Willie Geist tries to teach Natalie Morales the art of driving a stick-shift, choosing a large Jeep to train her on. The results are… interesting.

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>> natalie recently confessed to something on this very show.

>> i have to make a confession, maybe you can be my driving strektor, i do not know thou drive a -- the gear shift . what is it called?

>> a stick car.

>> you can't drive stick?

>> no.

>> well, it then happened. we were on. willie the self-proclaimed parallel parker in the world --

>> top five.

>> took me to new jersey for a little lesson in driving the stick where our friends set aside plenty of space, their whole parking lot .

>> smart.

>> take a look.

>> what's this?

>> what do you think?

>> it looks really big.

>> we have the biggest car we could find. it's a 2006 jeep wrangle we are giant monster truck wheels.

>> i don't know if i can get in this thing. how am i supposed to drive it if i can't get in it?

>> it's a long day.

>> you don't know the half of it.

>> that is joe kernan . where is he going?

>> wait, wait, wait.

>> i see. he is moving his car because he doesn't trust me. i'll show you joe kernan .

>> first gear is to get the car started. if you get into first gear smoothly, it's easy from there. clutch is in, right?

>> brake's on.

>> whip it over. we're okay. this is the part where we go.

>> she did it! first try! wow!

>> that wasn't bad. just a couple little bumps there.

>> wow.

>> hey.

>> you're not in gear.

>> ooh!

>> something is broke.

>> what are you making down there?

>> i have to say, other than a couple grinds, she's very good. she's very good. i think we're ready for more serious obstacles.

>> yeah.

>> this is cnbc's cramer.

>> what's going on?

>> we need you to be a human obstacle in a course we set up. do you trust natalie ?

>> how long has she been in training?

>> 10, 15 minutes now.

>> you know what? maybe we should do this later.

>> the market is closing. it's almost closed. i have to go.

>> natalie this is the final test. we take you out on the open road . this obstacle course will be like driving on highway traffic. you come up to the yellow obstacle, come to a complete stop and then start again without stalling. now we were going have cramer at the end there. he said the markets were closing. he had to leave.

>> convenient.

>> so we have another friend of yours waiting at the end. make sure you don't run over him. in the words of bella karolli, can you do it.

>> okay.

>> wait. false start . false start .

>> okay. one down.

>> oh, al? do you think i'm going to hit you? sorry, al.

>> that's my pupil.

>> open road , baby. let's go. don't bring it down on me.

>> we are really going out on open road with cars?

>> yes.

>> you do have two little kids, you know.

>> you know what else i have?

>> you need to put that up there. go ahead, sail that flag.

>> here we come, new jersey.

>> let's go, baby.

>> you didn't put me on the hill test.

>> you were pretty good. you did well. other than rolling over al.

>> yeah.

>> which is unfortunate. you were doing great. here is you and al.

>> right. you didn't mean to do this.

>> well, you know, i couldn't quite get it -- the gear in place in time.

>> big heavy casualty.

>> but then as we were leaving the cnbc parking lot , we pulled up to the gate house . the gate comes down, you stall. everything comes undone.

>> by the way, who is embarrassed they don't know thou drive a stick? 25% of you say, yes, you're embarrassed. 7 75% say, no, who needs it? you're like me.