TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Google launches live video advice service

TODAY’s Natalie Morales thinks that a new service offered by Google, where users can pay to chat via video with an expert instead of just looking for search results, could be great for everything except the more embarrassing issues – like her son’s constipation.

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>>> cool shot, guys.

>> yeah. nice.

>> right outside our plaza. welcome back to "today." i'm willie geist along with natalie morales . we have an important nbc news correction. the rob ford tie cannot be from the 1980s . if you look closely, it is from the 1990s . why do you ask? the jacksonville jaguars logo and carolina panthers .

>> okay.

>> so it's the 90s.

>> the oilers left in 98. so it is a 1990s tie. nbc regrets the error.

>> thank goodness for that correction.

>> thank you, twitter. let's talk a little business. google, did you hear about this? launching a new service this week lets consumers pay for live video chats. instead of just going willing the thing you're wondering about, you speak to a human being . features about 1,000 experts and fashion fitness, computers, cooking, marriage counseling even. they're available for live one-on-one video consultation. the price of a video session varies depending on the length of your conversation. so you're googling anyway.

>> i can see where it will be helpful if you really wanted to talk to somebody about something and if they're really an expert. the question is are they really an expert? of all the poor people googling things that are embarrassing, they don't want somebody chiming in. they don't say what do i do about my son's constipation which is what i had to deal with last night.

>> glamorous nice.

>> i heard you were googling constipati constipation. you have to request that. they're not going to force themselves in your life.

>> that was my night. what was your night like?

>> not like that.

>> that was the little one.

>> he feels better now.

>> much better. came out all right.

>> oh!

>> literally.

>> yeah, we got it. we got the part that it came out all right. thank