TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

How to find hidden money around your house

Redbook editor-in-chief Jill Herzig and frugal living expert Jessica Hacker suggest where you can save money around the house, including utilizing unused gift cards and making the most of forgotten food in your fridge and on your shelves.

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>> it's not just a depressing feeling, it's $43 a month down the drain.

>> all right.

>> in fact, i think on the produce here, we see it actually is costing us after some time.

>> some of the great -- i mean can you save $516 a year by using some of the products that i love. one of them is called days ago timer. and that's set on some of the products in here. they're magnetic or stick. so you literally just set it is when you purchased it. put it on the product. and then you know exactly how old that produce is. you make sure you use it before you use the fresher one.

>> there is always that cucumber that gets lost.

>> yes.

>> okay. all right.

>> so clean the refrigerator. make sure you know when things expire. time to start looking around the house more. often what happens is there is loose change that we're not taking advantage of.

>> yes.

>> here is an incredible number for you. $10 billion in unused loose change just lying around our houses everywhere in your pockets, in that bowl in the back of the drawer, in a bag.

>> an easy way is the piggy bank . that doesn't always look great. so get creative. use things in your house whether it's a pretty vase or a bowl and just use the things around your home to put the money in. by doing this, you're easily going to save $90 a year.

>> we just did this in my house. i forced my children to roll up all of our loose change that we were keeping in a jar in the kitchen and it came out to $91.

>> really?

>> exactly the average.

>> they make it easy and fun at the banks now, too. you pour them in the machine. the kids can count it.

>> i love that coin machine.

>> let's move into the home office . talking about unorganized messy receipts. how do you save money here?

>> this is a huge mess, obviously, when the woman at the store says to you, do you want your receipt in the bag and then you throw the bag away and you don't have it. so many americans have merchandise in their homes that they changed their mind about, they think the better of it but they have to receipt and they can't return it.

>> what do you do?

>> so i use an amazing free app called lemon wallet. it is great. it is available for app or android. it allows you to snap a photo of your receipt and save a digital copy to your phone so you never lose that receipt. you can take it to the retailer and get your money back.

>> another big one is gift cards . everybody has these lying around unused.

>> another crazy number, $2 billion in unredeemed gift cards . someone that loves you gave that you gift card and you're not using it.

>> there are other places you don't really shop. what can you do with that?

>> in that case, i use go under and sell your unwanted gift cards and purchase people's cards. it's a great way if you get one for a retailer that is not in your area, can you get one you can use. this is another way that is mazing can save $39 a year by taking a advantage of this website.

>> all right. i'll have to download that right now. thank