TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Hilarious love letter goes viral

A love letter posted on the website, featuring a young girl rejecting and then possibly accepting to be a boy’s girlfriend in the future, is going viral.

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>> trending on the social news website, one boy's adorable love letter didn't go quite the way he hoped. the unnamed boy mustered up the courage to ask a girl ashley to be i had girlfriend. well, she sends back the note saying no. but that's not all. she also writes, i'm sorry,ly have a boyfriend named kyle. but when we break up, you're my next choice.

>> it gets better.

>> then she adds, ps, that will probably be a month or two. you know, kyle, you're toast. in two months.

>> so for your planning purposes, i might be free in a month or two, what do you think the kid should write back? i might be busy in march.

>> there you go. your best friend.

>> it's like "the notebook." you wait for her in third grade. you get back together.

>> you know what i'm happy about? kids are writing notes again. it's not all web