TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

What would Rachel say? Jennifer Aniston sports short hair

Actress Jennifer Aniston cut her long locks for a shorter style, saying she was just “bored” with her previous look.

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>> moving to something a little lighter, who gave us the famous hair cut the rach sl at it again. her do is trending online. jennifer aniston , yes, cut her long locks and now sporting a shorter, new bob. what prompted the change? well, jennifer said her hair did not react well to the popular brazilian blowout treatment. i think a lot of women understand that. she had to cut off her hair. what do you think?

>> i like it. i like it.

>> it's very popular. for some hair, it reacts a little different.

>> it's to make your hair straight.

>> that would be bad if you had to cut all your hair off.

>> i always liked the rachael.

>> she hated it. she says it was, you know -- she would rather shave her head.

>> i still think it's cute.

>> i had it.