TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

‘Patriotic’ uniform spurs controversy

The TODAY team debate a uniform designed with the style and colors of the American flag that will be worn by players at Northwestern University for a game honoring the Wounded Warriors project. Some have criticized the gritty pattern of the flag and say the red part of the design looks like spattered blood.

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>> all right. how about this one? how could a fastball uniform designed to honor our nation's heroes spark controversy? well, this one is trending on twitter. take a look. football players at northwestern will wear this jersey next weekend. it is decked out in the american flag . it is supposed to raise awareness for the wounded warrior project. a nonprofit that helps troops who have been wounded in battle. so what is controversial about that? well, take a closer look. going nice and tight. some pointed out that the american flag design shows what looks to be like bloodstains. you can see the pattern there along the shoulder. it's also on the team's gloves, online people are calling this unpatriotic and disrespectful of the american flag . what do you think?

>> is it intended to be bloodstains?

>> no.

>> they say it's a distress pattern. it's not meant to look like blood.

>> growing up, you did not hear anything to deface the flag. you didn't alter it or anything to it.

>> if you look at the other side of the jersey and blue, you see the distressing as well. but if it makes people feel uncomfortable.

>> it's about graphics. graphics are so popular. on sneakers today, my son, i see it all the time. i think it's an unintended result here.

>> the intent of the project is great. proceeds from the uniform will go to the wounded warrior project.

>> they're heart is in the right place.