TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Michelle Knight opens up about life after abduction

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, Cleveland kidnapping victim Michelle Knight talks about how she was emotionally abused for years by her captor, Ariel Castro, and how her life has been since being released from Castro’s Cleveland home. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> and now one of the three women rescued from that house of horrors in cleveland michelle knight is sharing her story with dr. phil and we're getting a glimpse at what her future may look like.

>> michelle knight may look tiny next to phil mcgraw but her impact was huge for the talk show host .

>> doing this interview changed me more than any other interview i've done in 12 years.

>> ariel castro held knight and two others for more than a decade. knight often bearing the worst of his abuse.

>> it wasn't just the physical abuse . i mean he motionally abused her in telling her that nobody was looking for her.

>> he would taunt her with this. and say you will die here. nobody's looking for you. you won't even be missed when you do die.

>> you'll see amanda's mother on tv and the first thing he'll say to me he is where is your family? why don't you have any? they must not really love you. and it would hurt. because i knew my family would care. and i knew they weren't there for me because they never was. there was just extremely painful. to have somebody coming in your room day after day telling you your family don't care about you. you never had a family that loved you. and that's the reason why i hate you. because i can abuse you and nobody will care.

>> then she gets out and, sure enough, there is nobody there. the truth is three girls were taken. three girls were rescued. only two girls went home. it's time this girl got a break.

>> now dr. phil is hoping to be that break, helping with counseling, education, housing, and support for the woman who can best be described as a survivor.

>> where does she go from here?

>> i think her strength is going to pay off. i think she is working on getting herself together physically, mentally, emotionally. she's in a community that loves her and cares about her. cleveland is going to learn so much about this young woman they didn't know before. they think they love her now. wait until they really get to know her.

>> nbc news, los angeles .

>> you can see more of that interview on dr. phil 's show.