TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Sollecito tells court Knox is his ‘first real love’

During his retrial for previously overturned murder charges, Raffaele Sollecito broke down in court, saying prosecutors are calling him an “assassin” and talked about his relationship with Amanda Knox. NBC’s Keith Miller reports.

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>>> there has been an emotional scene in an italian courtroom this morning where amanda knox and rafael solecito is being retried. her name has come up a lot. keith miller is in florence, keith, good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. dna experts testified this morning. they could find no dna evidence on the victim on the alleged knife which was the murder weapon, allegedly. it turns the prosecution's case on its head.

>> reporter: inside the courtroom, amanda knox 's former boyfriend defended himself on trying to show who i really am, he said. they describe me as an assassin. i am not like this. he described amanda knox as his first real love . and near tears. he concluded his statement saying look at the truth and give me my life back. he and knox have maintained their innocence since being arrested for murder six years ago. italian tv reported he visited the grave of the victim in march despite the family's opposition. the defense team for knox in said the latest dna results confirm the knife entered into evidence is not the murder weapon. there were traces of knox dna on the handle of the kitchen knife found at his apartment, but the defense says she used it to cut br bread, not to commit murder. meredith kurcer was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered. knox and solecito were committed of the crime and spent four years in prison before an appeals court overturned the conviction for lack of evidence.

>> there is little evidence if any that can show the two defendants were at the scene of the crime .

>> reporter: knox appeared on italian tv recently via skype to defend herself. saying i'm not a criminal that manipulates people. that's a fantasy. the victim's family welcomed the appeal, convinced that the man already convicted of the crime did not act alone. the prosecution will deliver the final arguments at the end of this month. we're expecting a verdict in this case by the beginning of next year.

>> keith miller in italy for