TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Which social networks do your kids use most?

NBC News’ Tamron Hall shares some analytics on where teens are hanging out online and asks viewers to weigh in on which sites their kids use most.

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>>> let's turn to tamran, she is filling in for carson.

>> it's so hard for parents to keep up with where their kids are socializing online. i learned that fmh means shaking my head. we're talking about this new website ask fm. it's where kids are hanging out online. we took at where kids are socializing. facebook, 94%. twitter, 26%, instagram, 11%. that is interesting. myspace, 7%. and other, 2% to 5% of the kids are communicating on these web sites . and that's where ask fm exists right now. so our question the day, which social network does your child use most? and we're going to talk more about ask fm and these concerns that have popped up later.

>> all right. thank you. my son is all over instagram at 12 years old.

>> it seems to be okay.

>> yeah.

>> hang on though.