TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

LAX shooting victim on scene: ‘It was panic’

One of the victims from the Los Angeles International Airport Brian Ludmer tells NBC News’ Miguel Almaguer about his experience during the crisis and what he remembers when he was shot.

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>>> the teacher who was wounded in last week's shooting rampage at los angeles international airport is now sharing his story for the very first time. here's nbc's miguel almagare.

>> the shot fired.

>> reporter: when gun shots he ripted in l.a.x., brian ludmar was feets away.

>> we started hearing shooting from down at the ticket level. down at the first floor of the bottom of the escalators.

>> reporter: out of view, police say the tsa officer had been executed.

>> panic and most people tried to run sort of into the terminal through the metal detectors away from the ticketing gate and escalators where the shots were coming from.

>> reporter: the 29-year-old high schoolteacher sprinted down this hallway inside terminal three. but there was nowhere to hide.

>> i don't even remember hearing the shots. i remember feeling it. it collapsed. i just collapsed down to my knees.

>> reporter: shot in the leg, he couldn't walk. did you think you were going to die?

>> i did. i expected to be shot again. i've never been afraid like that.

>> reporter: in the middle of the chaos, losing blood, he found a room to crawl into as the gunfire continued. did you think the gunman was going to enter the room?

>> i know i must have left a trail of blood. there was so much blood in the room.

>> reporter: after he tied a turn kit around his leg, we see a man in a wheelchair as well as that tsa agent there covered in blood. he was rushed to the hospital. he learned three tsa officers had been shot, the suspect was taken into custody. only hernandez suffered critical wounds. do you feel in any way that you're lucky?

>> yeah, very much so. as bad as it was, it could have been worse.

>> reporter: brian ludmer says he is more than a victim, he's a survivor. nbc news, los angeles .