TODAY   |  November 06, 2013

Explosions rock Chinese communist headquarters

An organized set of bombings in the Northern Chinese city of Taiyuan rocked a communist party building. Authorities say the bombs looked “homemade,” and there has been no immediate explanation for the attack. NBC News’ Eunice Yoon reports.

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>> now to that breaking news in china. a deadly bombing attack that is the most sophisticated there in several years. we have a reporter in beijing with the details. what can you tell us, unis?

>> good morning. people were heading to work during the morning rush hour when around 7:40 a.m . a series of explosions went off in northeastern city. the authorities say the blast erupted in front of a communist party headquarters. witnesses say that building windows were shattered, passing by cars were damaged. people say that a nearby minivan actually exploded. what we know is one person is dead, eight people injured. police say that small devices were found planted in flower beds outside of the building. it appeared to have been homemade. the reason people have been calling them so sophisticated is because they were packed with metal ball bearings and other devices. because of that, a lot of people believe they were packed for maximum damage and people are very, very worried about that. this is very unusual thing to see near china. savannah?

>> thank you with that breaking story out of beijing.