TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

Feel good with Giada’s fig bites, ginger drink

Chef Giada De Laurentiis shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a couple of selections from her new book, “Giada’s Feel Good Food,” designed to lift your mood and your healthy outlook, including chocolate fig bites and a spinach-apple-ginger drink.

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>> it's time for today's kitchen and we're indulging in desserts that taste so good you would never know they're also healthy.

>> "today" contributor giada de laurentiis is here with her favorite go to sweet treat straight from her brand new book.

>> look at this cover.

>> called "giada's feel good

food: my healthy recipes and secrets."

>> and we're happy to have you back, sweetheart.

>> we love when you have new books out.

>> one a week.

>> one a week. what? no. no, no.

>> yeah.

>> thank you.

>> what are you making today.

>> >> i want people to understand this isn't a diet book, but having said that, this is the way i like to eat. very light, healthy foods.

>> okay.

>> but it doesn't mean you have to skip dessert which happens to be one of my favorites.

>> okay.

>> okay. we're going to start with my chocolate fig bites. i have about a pound of dried figs that i've put in here.

>> okay.

>> do you want to add a little bit of water and almond butter .

>> okay.

>> and mix it altogether and end up with this paste. the whole idea here is dairy-free.

>> i know you're dairy-free right now.

>> she's dairy-free for life.

>> by the way, a lot of people are. people are vegan and they're gluten-free and i wanted to give --

>> we love everybody .

>> yes we do.

>> i do too. there's a lot of different dietary needs out there these days and you can make fun, really good dishes for --

>> can i ask, those -- oh, lord. those figs are dried?

>> they're dried figurs.

>> have you had a dried fig?

>> she looks at it like it's -- they look weird but they're tasty.

>> i like figs.

>> super sweet.

>> with the al month butter, mix this altogether. something you can make very easi easily. it all combines together into this paste like that. okay. then i take a little ice cream scoop so i can make all the balls the same size.

>> hoda.

>> that's not what it's supposeden to. looks like something else.

>> you asked me to help and i did.

>> that may be your dog.

>> careful.

>> oh, blake.

>> having said that you make these little balls like meatballs and they're kind of sticky. melt some chocolate. this is dark chocolate . you can use vegan chips. little bit of dairy, maybe a trace, not much. i drop them in the chocolate like that.

>> look what's happening?

>> look at that, hoda.

>> i like it already.

>> i put them here and i like to top them with a little bit of salt.

>> okay.

>> because i think the salt bring out the chocolate. plus it makes them look so pretty.

>> sea salt .

>> you can do sea salt . i do these flakes because they look prettier. i put them in the fridge about 30 minutes . i think these are great on a holiday table. so surprising how good they are.

>> salty sweet.

>> like a bon bon , but a healthy bon bon . no dairy, no gluten. vegan. they're all those things. i think they're fabulous.

>> really great.

>> you could do that with dates if you want to.

>> okay.

>> then i have fruit spring rolls, rice paper and then fruit, almonds and rice noodle .

>> what's the dip stuff?

>> just honey and mint. and then here we have a peach and blueberry crumble which is gluten-free.

>> okay.

>> maple sugar , no sugar.

>> what's the drink?

>> spinach. i'm going to give you this one. i didn't drink out of that one. spinach, apple ginger and a little extra treat for you. can you taste it?

>> uh-huh.

>> there's a little gin which works really well with a green drink looking for a pick me up.

>> it's delicious.

>> you can do it without the gin.