TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

Dress like a star without the Hollywood price tag

Want to look like Emma Roberts without the pain of the price tag? Jill Martin shows Hoda and Kathie Lee a couple of Hollywood styles that anyone can bring off.

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>>> and we're back on this tuesday with today's style and how to dress like a celebrity without the hollywood price tag.

>> today contributing editor jill martin has three affordable looks that anyone can pull off.

>> really, jill ? anyone?

>> sure. we all hawant to look like our favorite celebs but this will teach you to shop? your closet and spruce up what you have.

>> let's start with emma roberts picture . tell us about her look.

>> "from we're the millers" this outfit clearly over thousands of dollars. the couture neck, the necklace, those two pieces alone. we have our look, cammy, come next to her and look how much alike this looks. this total look, $203.80 for the entire situation.

>> wow.

>> wow.

>> and the necklace is $65 from rj graziano. if you a blouse and want to add a statement necklace how great is that going into the holidays. i love this clutch from dara for $79. a lot of people don't think of the clutch as the statement piece but i like it.

>> judith lieber taught us that years ago.

>> a dog, a cat, whatever you want .

>> i love the lieber woman.

>> next celeb. this is lauren .

>> this is lauren and you see miranda kerr in the picture here. prada flats, gorgeous designer trench coat and a celine bag. thousands of dollars in this picture . now we look at lauren .

>> come out lauren .

>> step out next to the picture . i love this how they match up next to the picture and the video. this is an investment. this is $129 from l.l. bean but everyone needs a great trench. you can go from inside to outside and it really looks like a very chic, very chic item. and then you see the --

>> classic.

>> the flats in the picture , they're prada. these are from american eagle for $34.95. this total look, $250.87 and the designer one clearly thousands.

>> nice.

>> that's great.

>> great.

>> you guys should remember at home, too, a lot of this stuff these celebrities get for free. don't feel so bad about it. they get a lot of it for free.

>> it's gifted and a lot of these designers at these mass market stores are making the items so exact. i would wear so many of these pieces. it's about mixing and matching high and low .

>> jessica alba .

>> okay.

>> jessica alba , this is daniela. in the picture we have a bag, oliver people sun glass ps. thousands of dollars. look at this look, so many pieces you can mix and match, total look $177.

>> you're kidding.

>> the jacket from forever 21 , $47.80.

>> i don't know how they can make them for that.

>> amazing.

>> these jackets again using the jacket as the statement piece, it sort of accessorizes. you don't need jewelry. the chunky sweater i love because if you're going to do a skinny jean, everything doesn't need to be tight.

>> right.

>> where does that come from, that chunky sweater?

>> h and m.

>> awesome.

>> great job, jill .

>> nice, jill .

>> thanks, everybody.