TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

‘Shahs of Sunset’ preview new season

Reza Farahan and Asa Soltan Rahmati, two of the stars of “Shahs of Sunset,” talk about season three of their reality series, which they say will bring new romances, plus a pistol-wielding grandmother.

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>>> "shahs of sunset."

>> we love it.

>> in the city where image is everything the "shahs of sunset" is a reality show that follows the lives of six iranian-american friend was all believe in one thing, understated is overrated.

>> season three kicks off tonight. here toe fill us in on what we can expect the two stars of the show, reza farahan. is that right?

>> yes.

>> asa.

>> god bless you.

>> okay. first of all, i'm so excited.

>> hoda loves the show.

>> i didn't know if i was going to be in, and suddenly you -- we watch how you guys interact. you two play -- you guys are dear friends on the show. tell us about your relationship?

>> she's like my sister from another mother.

>> yeah.

>> i love her like a sister and party with her like a friend. i mean, it's like --

>> the perfect combination .

>> it's the perfect combo.

>> does she tell you the truth when you need to hear it?

>> she's an aries.

>> says everything.

>> you two are leos and so am i.

>> stop it!

>> 16th, 9th, 5th.

>> stop it.

>> and my boyfriend is from oklahoma.

>> no. this is just crazy.

>> i love it.

>> this is crazy.

>> leos --

>> over there.

>> i don't --

>> you're all blinked out, asa, but you play kind of a crunchy granola-ish kind of girl on the show.

>> no, i don't.

>> it's the priestest vibe.

>> tell us.

>> there's diamond water and wears gold. i have a nice car i drive but i also meditate.

>> what about gg? do you not like gg?

>> we like gg.

>> right now.

>> you don't at all.

>> no. --

>> you don't like gg.

>> i --

>> i have to make some trouble here.

>> she doesn't know who gg is.

>> i watched the show this morning.

>> you did.

>> is she the blonde there?

>> no. she's -- they're all brunettes.

>> there's a blonde.

>> we don't have blondes. gg is a little blondish.

>> tell us for season thee what we can expect.

>> it was like a huge therapy session i took my friends on all summer long.

>> what do you need therapy for?

>> everything.

>> i turned 40. i move in with my man. i'm dealing with a crazy family that's on two coasts.

>> yeah.

>> i have an og gangster grandmother that walks around with a pistol.

>> i bet she's fun.

>> she's fun. she's fun.

>> we're going to play a little game with you two.

>> let's do it.

>> understatement or overrated.

>> flashy or trashy.

>> flashy or trashy.

>> trashy.

>> trashy.

>> slightly trashy.

>> next.

>> okay.

>> flashy.

>> flashy.

>> good answer. good answer. all right. next, please.

>> trashy, sorry. keep it real.

>> i like it trashy but real.

>> sorry i win?

>> you didn't win.

>> was that a on her nose?

>> i like reza.

>> thank you.

>> sorry.

>> i'm leaving.

>> it's a leo thing.

>> good luck.

>> this has been great. you guys can catch the season three premier of "shahs of sunset" tonight at 10:00 , 9:00 central on bravo.

>> you can take it with you.