TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

Make some extra cash at these seasonal jobs

You may not have even thought about your holiday shopping yet, but LinkedIn’s Nicole Williams says many people are already hunting for those seasonal jobs in retail and dining. She shares some places to look for the best jobs and suggests ways to capitalize on your skills to create your own freelance job

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>> lot. the holiday shopping season is gearing up. christmas music . it's time and with all the seasonal hiring there could be a job in it for you.

>> that's right. companies are hiring tens of thousands of employees to handle the holiday rush and nicole williams has advice to help you get your foot in the door and hopefully keep it in the door. good morning.

>> good morning to you.

>> so we're seeing -- we're hearing the music already. we're seeing it but now we're also seeing the ads for hiring.

>> absolutely.

>> which is a good sign.

>> you want to start early. the fact of the matter is sometimes people are like, okay. it's december 15th . let me get started when in reality you should be starting now because there's an abundance of jobs available. we're talking 70,000 new jobs between amazon and target. 50% of bloomingdale's, macy's, their stock sin creasing. there's a lot of opportunities. this time only comes one a year. do it.

>> as you mentioned, retail, no surprise there, really leading the way.

>> absolutely. yeah, no there's 3,000 new jobs and they're not asking for retail experience. they're looking for a great personality. get down there.

>> retail leading the way but what about food and restaurant industries as well?

>> yeah. anything where people are using the service over the course of the holiday season . people are going out dining with families, friends, work parties, or any of those kinds of industries you want to hit.

>> service industries .

>> service industries .

>> how long do these jobs last typically? how long can i expect to be working?

>> well, this is the thing. i think and you mentioned it in the opening, think about this opportunity in terms of what's the long-term potential. think about it. do your research. understand who this company is and make a choice. you know, decide where you might want to land. companies like toys "r" us, literally 15% of their staff last year ended up staying on through the new year. so there is long-term opportunity. think of it as an audition. you get to go in. you make a great impression and ideally they won't want to let you go.

>> we'll talk about also shipping in warehouses. they need to handle all of the demands.

>> 55,000 new jobs. yeah, ups is hiring. so no, absolutely. those are the kind of jobs. anything from wepackaging to front of door delivery.

>> one interesting thing you pointed out. create your own freelance job. what does that mean?

>> it's like how busy are you in terms of addressing holiday cards, baking for your kids holiday special party, you know, it's like so go around your community, put a little ad out and say i'm willing to baby sit and wrap gifts and these jobs frankly end up being more than what your minimum wage job would be. think about what might be available out and around in your community.

>> so now that we know where the jobs are, let's talk about how you can maybe hopefully keep those jobs. so first off, do you accept any position that comes your way? or how picky can you get?

>> i think you can be relatively picky when you're looking at this job influx. there's a lot of opportunity here. you go on linkedin. you follow the company and see who you might be connected with so you can ask is this a good company to work for. i want you to think about this as a long-term opportunity. you don't want to waste this by taking anything. i think you can be strategic and smart about your choice.

>> i love what you said about the way you can apply for your job. a lot of people go online and you say go in person to apply for the job.

>> go in person. so many of the jobs were front facing, consumer personal jobs. you want to put your personality out there. one of my great tricks is to go dine at that restaurant. go shop in that store and not busy hours so that you have an opportunity to hand your resume off to a manager of the store. just something like that so you can make a great impression.

>> are these jobs available now.

>> yes, now.

>> ready to go.

>> go now.

>> nicole williams. good stuff.