TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

Giada makes noodle paella and pear, arugula salad

TODAY contributor Giada de Laurentiis shares a delicious noodle paella recipe that ditches the rice, and also demonstrates how to make a radicchio, pear and arugula salad.

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>>> we're back now at 8:49 doing cooking with giada in today's kitchen. this morning, she is putting her own skin on a recipe from a brand new book she has out called giada's feel good food my healthy recipes and secrets. good morning, nice to see you.

>> hi.

>> more than a cookbook.

>> yes. i opened up a little bit more. it's a first for me. i have personal things in there about my beauty and exercise routine.

>> because people come up to you on the street a lot and they ask you the question how do you stay so slim.

>> it's the first question out of people's mouths.

>> because you work with food.

>> so they don't understand how can i eat all of this food and then stay trim so i have given my secrets out in the new book.

>> in one book.

>> great. we're making it a little different than what i'm used to.

>> i hear you're a fan.

>> i love it. okay. talk about ingredients. there's a lot of them.

>> there's a lot of ingredients in a one-pot meal and it's usually made with rice but it's also made with noodles. people don't know that. i revamped it and made it lighter took out the sausage and did chicken, clams and shrimp. you can put whatever seafood and meat you like. break it up and it's the spices that make it traditional.

>> all right. you have done your cutting in advance.

>> a little help here. a little olive oil . not much. nutritional break downs in all the recipes this time and it's interesting how much olive oil and salt i had to take out of my food.

>> you were adding some calories and fat?

>> yes. i love it. i think olive oil is great but when the nutritionist goes through it she says too much.

>> clam juice and tomatoes.

>> these are canned tomatoes .

>> yeah. so a lot of the stuff you can have in your pantry and this can take 30 minutes to make. so bay leaf and smoked paprika and saffron and then what we do is we cook the spaghetti that you break up and your kids with break that up and they let that cook for 8 to 9 minutes.

>> all right.

>> over here --

>> you have your brown chicken here. chicken goes in first?

>> chicken goes in first. brown the chicken first and leave it out until the pasta is cooked.

>> okay.

>> this is always tricky. clams and shrimp in and then you just put the lid on and let it cook for about five minutes.

>> that's all it takes?

>> yes. and this is what you've got. how good does that look?

>> it looks good. so the only thing that's missing out of this is the crisp from the bottom of a traditional paella.

>> it has the flavor, even a little bit more flavorful than a traditional paella. i like the pasta.

>> it's good, right?

>> and you serve that with a salad? ar ar arugula and croutons and a pear.

>> i'll go back to the book. you say it's more personal. you also talk about family a little bit and you talk about the contents of your purse. what is that all about?

>> you know what, a lot of people have also asked me what do i carry in my purse.

>> guys don't get it.

>> no, but women do. they want to know what tricks do you do every day. a spray bottle to keep myself hydrated. i have a little coloring book for my daughter i have sharpies in case i have to sign anything. certain lip balm and tricks for the trade that keep a woman growing.

>> although the recipes in here are healthier and leaner this is not a diet book.

>> this is not a diet book. i don't believe in diets. so i have a month's worth of meals but it's not to lose weight. there's vegan, dairy-free and gluten free as well as meat. a little bit of everything.

>> there you go. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> i spent that commercial break eating one piece of shrimp.