TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

Get the hottest styles for under $100

InStyle editors Dana Avidan-Cohn, Isabel Gonzalez Whitaker, and Kahlana Barfield are challenged to assemble fashionable outfits with only $100 to spend. In the process they highlight style trends such as form-fitting dresses and black-and-white prints.

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>> this morning on today's style, how to shop like a fashion editor on a $100 budget. dana, isabelle are all editors at instyle magazine . they hit the stores for us. they all had $100. good morning to all of you.

>> good morning.

>> and we have models in shape wear . we're going to dress you. don't worry. but $100, can you really get some of trends that are in style right now for that little?

>> yes, you can. so i went with the cam mo trend. this top is only $59. what's so amazing is designers are getting playful so now inside the traditional camo that you're used to its a much softer grey palate which makes it easier for women.

>> i also feel like it's sophisticated. it doesn't seem trendy in the bad sense.

>> it reads more like a graphic print. these jeans are super soft stretch. they're 1995 .

>> isn't it fun to do this on morning television?

>> and they're perfect for the weekend. super comfortable. forever 21 is one of the best stores for affordable accessories. you can load up and i found these which are one of my favorites and then two bracelets only $5. that's an incredible price and then we paired them with black flats but when it gets a little cooler you can just swap it out for your boots.

>> or do a pop of color.

>> you look great. thank you. move on.

>> we've got a great sheeth dress. it's the mini length. this was the bulk of my budget. i spent $80 on it. but it's worth the investment. this is a dress you can wear year round. in the winter, certainly with tights and pumps and in the summer -- i'm going to help caitlin get dressed here -- and in the summer with metallic heels and then what's nice about it also is because it is a longer length, it is a longer length.

>> thank you.

>> we're good.

>> it's appropriate enough for work and this is a trend also we're seeing on a lot of celebrities right now from sandra bullock to victoria beckham .

>> i like how you add a splash of color.

>> you could wear this out at night. it's $20 from h&m and a great pop of color. you don't need a lot of accessory with a dress like this. it has such a great print. we have pretty shinies from clares.

>> enough since you blew your budget on this gorgeous dress. it looks great. we move down the line. what look for you going for?

>> so i love black and white for fall. i think it's classic and timeless and anyone can wear it. so i found this sweater from h&m. it's only $13 and it's cropped which is a huge trend for fall and i know some people think they can't pull it off.

>> i was going to ask you, can anyone wear crop.

>> anyone can as long as you wear it with a high waisted skirt. it's high waisted so you won't see any skin but it hits right at the belly and i love this one because it's a-line so it hides your hips and it's a mini skirt and a lot of people are intimidated by minis but falls are the perfect time to wear them.

>> tights are forgiving.

>> they're much more forgiving than bear legs. and you can do a look so she has the black tight with the black booties but you can do a black pump or flat and make your legs look longer.

>> what about this necklace?

>> i wanted to jazz it up so i found this amazing necklace for $40 and it's big and chunky and makes a statement. i spent the majority of my money on this. it was $40 but it adds glamour to the look.

>> you can put it with the t-shirt or a million things.

>> you can put it with a dress or suit and give the wow effect.

>> if you're going to wear a shirt this short shouldn't you wear flat shoes.

>> she is pulling it off.

>> if you can do it, do it.