TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

Tony Robbins gives away e-edition of his best-seller

The motivational speaker and author Tony Robbins tells TODAY that he is giving away free versions of his hit book “Awaken the Giant Within” as an abridged e-book, and talks about about his foundation’s work helping to feed the hungry.

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>> let's bring in tony robbins . he advised everyone. 20th anniversary of the wake of the giant within which was something that changed your world. when you talk to these people and they seek your advice, are you a listener or a talker?

>> you have to be a listener first. but once you know what it is you have to act or otherwise people end up not taking action. my focus is to get real results.

>> is there one question that you consistently get over and over again?

>> people say what does it take to really break through? and the break through is that moment so many of us have so many accumulated disappointments in our life. you start out excited with big dreams and sometimes people disappoint you and you disappoint yourself so it's human nature to protect yourself from getting hurt and that same protection becomes the wall that imprisons you. so i teach people how to change things. i took my book and made an e-book out of it. so i'm giving away a 100 page version to people and it gives them the strategies to create changes.

>> speaking of the holidays, when you were 11 something happened on thanksgiving that had a profound effect.

>> it did and i hope people listening will consider what a simple act of kindness will do. we had no food on thanksgiving. we wouldn't have starved but we had no thanksgiving dinner . a guy knocked on the door randomly. he was the delivery guy. my father was offended but it changed my life. i swore i would find a way to do something. i was 17. i feed two families and next year four and eight and now in different countries and because of food stamps , 47 million people had a meal a week taken out of their life, i'm going to match what our foundation does and i'm donating 2 million meals, half a million here in new york this week along. i'm trying to impress upon you the help is needed. if you go to anthony or tony robbins .com you can build baskets of food and deliver them and make a