TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

Lioness reunites with two men who saved her

A lioness reunites with the two German conservationists who saved her life in Botswana, forming an incredible bond.

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>> trending from the new york daily news this morning, a heartwarming bond in the wild and the pictures are going viral. you'll see why. what would make a 110 pound lioness do this? as a cub she was driven out of her pride. she was saved from death by two conservationists and years later they were reunited in the wild. i guess she recognizes them. she runs up and hugs the pair treating them like long lost family members and so they are.

>> that's one of those sweet imagines they show and say this is the last imagine right before --

>> oh.

>> ruin a nice moment.

>> please.

>> looks like a lot bigger than 110 pounds.

>> locking eye with the camera.