TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

School lunch separation stirs controversy

A new program by a high school in Tennessee where students with poor grades are separated from their classmates at lunch time for tutoring has stirred controversy. Activists are calling the program an act of segregation.

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>>> with what's trending today. let's jump right on it. trending on msn, parents at a tennessee high school are speaking out about a controversial lunch program. students with poor grades at the high school are separated from their classmates and eat in a different location to get tutoring. critics are calling this a segregation but the school says it's a chance for struggling students to get extra help and they also say that the policy helped to boost graduation rates serving as a way to motivate some students that aren't doing so well so perform better.

>> some students need the extra help. there's that time. but if they're taking away from the lunch period --

>> on the fence.

>> if they're punishing the students it's not a good idea. if they're giving them a chance to get extra help, it's a good idea.

>> and sounds like it's working.

>> right.

>> sometimes you have to think outside the box .