TODAY   |  November 05, 2013

New details shed light on NFL bullying case

Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito is under scrutiny for alleged bullying Jonathan Martin, who left the team saying he was tormented by teammates. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> there's a troubling twist tied to alleged bullying in the national football league . disturbing voice mails from a member of the miami dolphins suspended indefinitely. let's go to kerry sanders at dolphins training camp in south florida . good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. when you think of bullying what first may come to mind is a great school playground where a big boy pushes around or beats up someone smaller but here at dolphins training camp we're talking about men. they're paid to take the field each week and crush the competition and now this morning there are signs this may go beyond bullying. miami guard richie incognito was voted in 2009 the dirtiest player in the nfl.

>> on the field, players called me overly aggressive.

>> reporter: an imagine he was trying to escape even making light of his public persona in this announcement urging miami fans to behave.

>> be respectful and civilized and follow the code of conduct .

>> reporter: but even as he remains suspended this morning amid allegations he bullied his fellow teammate, new allegations surfaced that incognito called martin the "n" word. now multiple sources have heard a voice mail incognito allegedly left for martin in april. a hate filled message that included hey, what's up you half, you're still a rookie. i'll kill you.

>> what i want everyone to understand is there's not going to be comments during the course of the investigation until we get all the information and come together on the information.

>> reporter: 24-year-old martin left the dolphin's training camp last week after incognito and others allegedly repeatedly and systematically taunted him. adam beasley covers the dolphins for the miami harold.

>> the league and out outsiders see it as abuse. some see him more as a guy trying to toughen up a younger player.

>> reporter: neither richie or anyone else responded for comment.

>> thank you. a lot of soul searching probably going on in locker rooms right now.

>> the whole team has to answer to some of these questions. if they knew what was going on.

>> right.