TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Bieber identified sneaking out of Brazilian brothel

Editor-in-chief at Bonnie Fuller and Roseanne Colletti of NBC’s Gossip Gram review the weekend’s hottest topic, like 19-year-old Justin Bieber’s escapades at the Centaurus brothel in Rio de Janeiro.

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>>> it is time for today's buzz when we catch you up on all the celebrity gossip you may have missed when you were turning back your clocks this weekend.

>> here to dish, bonny fuller and roseanne colletti . this weekend, ladies --

>> big weekend . all right. let's talk about justin bieber because seems like every week there's something else. he was in brazil, and what happened? what did he do?

>> okay. he was up to his old antics. photographed coming out of a very well-known brothel. but he was covered in a blanket. the only problem was is that his arm was sticking out and his arm has a very distinctive tattoo.

>> very distinctive.

>> that's right. i.d.'ed by the arm.

>> prostitutes are not illegal.

>> prostitution is not illegal, brothels are. now, reportedly he was in the brothel for three hours. however, there is --

>> we don't know what he was doing in there, observing. but there was a report that he had been asked to leave his hotel because they created such a crowd and such a consternation at the hotel they had to leave. he was looking for a place he could come and go and was apparently told this was a members only club.

>> he wanted to be somewhere private. but what's interesting -- the brothels may be illegal, but it is on tourists lists. it's a well-known site.

>> he's the biggest -- one of the biggest pop stars in the world. he can certainly have any girl he wants of that sort. so why in the world would he pay $500 for sex?

>> right.

>> or go to a place like that.

>> we don't know that's what he did when he was there.

>> but what this girl is saying, the one he hired, apparently. there's been a picture of the two girls that came back to the hotel with him.

>> it's risky.

>> unbelievably risky behavior, isn't it?

>> we forget, he is 19 years old. and even though he's very wealthy and very famous, he's 19.

>> his brain has not matured.

>> let's talk about khloe and lamar. what is happening with those two?

>> well, things are not looking good for khloe and lamar. khloe did two interesting things this weekend, went out without wearing her wedding ring wearing a different ring on the ring finger . and the other thing she did was instagrammed a thing and talked about letting go of love gracefully when it's not meant for you.

>> oh, she did?

>> yeah.

>> she's deep, i think, khloe is.

>> she's having a really, really hard time . she was very much in love with him. and she's extraordinarily disappointed in him. and wants to do the right thing but also wants to have a happy life . i think khloe 's going to make the right decision whenever she makes it.

>> well, do you think he is in denial and that's really -- he says he loves her she always has his back. but that problem.

>> he's got to get over his problems. or else they can't have a life together.

>> a controversial statement.

>> that wacky girl.

>> it goes with having one name, i think. you have to be a little eccentric. she was doing a chat with her fans on facebook and one asked her, if you had one minute to ask sonny a question or say something to him, what would it be? and she said, how hot is it where you come from? but on the other hand, it is known that she divorced him because he cheated on her all the time. and this was something she didn't really find out until after they separated. there were problems in the marriage, but she didn't know to the extent that he'd been going around behind her back.

>> but she doesn't think he's -- i think she said it -- knowing her personality as something funny.

>> she also loved him because he was the father of her child. so, you know, those kinds of relationships are complicated.

>> so complicated she thinks he's still haunting her?