TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Shop smart: Limit your market time to 30 minutes

Frozen or fresh? Pre-packaged or leaf lettuce? Nina Willdorf of All You Magazine tells Kathie Lee and Hoda how to make the most of your money at the grocery store.

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>>> we're back on this money-saving monday. and what if we told you you could save up to $75 a month or $900 a year on groceries?

>> well, you can on everything from vegetables to coffee. here are some smart strategies to cut your bill. "all you" magazine's executive editor.

>> hello. well, food prices are on the rise. the average family is spending $865 a month --

>> yeah.

>> on their grocery bill. and at "all you," we're about helping you shop smarter.

>> going to give us practical advice in a minute, but you have general things to start off with.

>> number one, keep your trip under 30 minutes to the supermarket. every minute you spend over 30 minutes is going to cost you an additional 50 cents in stuff you put in that cart.

>> okay. number two, go at the end of the day . that's when perishables like meat, vegetables, they'll discount them for you.

>> if you ask?

>> if you ask or sometimes they do it themselves. and number three, the smaller the cart, the smaller the bill. if you go around with a really big cart --

>> 12 kids, you've got to buy in bulk.

>> yes, you do, but for your weekly trip, try to keep it tight.

>> and i say shop when you're full.

>> that's a good one.

>> anyway, let's start off with our first tip.

>> lettuce, convenience really comes at a cost. when you're buying lettuce prebagged, prewashed, this stuff is $4 more per pound than leaflleaf lettuce. you're going to save $15 a month by buying your lettuce.

>> really? $15.

>> carrots.

>> the same rule of thumb with carrots. the average family has about 2 1/2 pounds of carrots a month. just by buying your carrots like this, you're going to save an additional $2 a month.

>> a little labor involved, but this can all be used in soup.

>> and you can wash the stuff, cut it up yourself.

>> oh, that's great.

>> even i know that, hoda.

>> can you buy frozen or fresh? which is less expensive?

>> frozen is such a great deal when it comes to green beans . the fact is, this is 20 cents more per ounce than frozen. and so with a package this size, you're saving $2.50 just on this maneuver alone.

>> and they freeze them when they're at the peak --

>> exactly right.

>> exactly. so these have exactly the same health benefits as fresh and you're not going to have as much waste in your refrigerator.

>> and you don't want to put that in soup, hoda.

>> how often do you find this kind of festering at the bottom of your vegetable drawer?

>> right.

>> and meat. this is where you're going to save serious cash. if you go to your butcher and find chuck roast on sale and ask them to grind it for you instead of buying it preground, you're going to save $15, $25 a month. just from having that one move. that's if you have hamburgers one time a week with your family.

>> and cut it and freeze it.

>> yes. and then instead of getting the patties premade, if you do it yourself and --

>> it's all about labor. you've got to pay for your own labor.

>> an additional $10. that's a total of $35. bread, you want to buy bread on sale and freeze it. it freezes really well. if you see a $3 for $2, buy four, put them in the freezer, you can defrost them as you need them.

>> are they really the same afterwards?

>> it's great.

>> if you put it in the toaster even when it's frozen, it's delicious.

>> just put it in the refrigerator overnight. it'll defrost.

>> she's such a different alpha female , isn't she?

>> popcorn. two choices here. your choices are microwave and the kernel. now, this microwave --

>> microwave.

>> yeah, this popcorn is 30 cents more per serving. you have movie night with your family once a week. you're going to save $5 over the course -- all these bits add up.

>> you're on a budget.

>> coffee. you're looking at two choices. gourmet and generic. gourmet, delicious, we love it. generic, this is $12 less per pound than gourmet. you know what, instead of making the choice, just do mix and match and you're going to save $8.50 a month.

>> i can't stop thinking about that guy that does the -- the ladies at the book club and he starts -- so funny.

>> spices.

>> cinnamon sugar spice, we love it this time of year for the holidays with cookies, et cetera . instead of buying these pricey premade mixes, buy the ingredients yourself in bulk, mix it yourself, you're going to save $3. all these add up. al together, you're looking at $900 a year.

>> wow!