TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Bridget Jones bravely faces the modern dating world

Author Helen Fielding will chat live with fans about her latest in the Bridget Jones series “Mad About the Boy.” She discusses Ms. Jones’ approach to dating after the death of her husband and beloved character Mark Darcy, an event which Fielding was shocked received such a worldwide reaction.

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>> 14 years ago, and now at 51, bridget has two children and get this has lost her beloved husband mark darcy .

>> helen fielding is the book's author and you can get a chance to talk to with her a little bit later. but first, it's our turn. did you have any idea? first of all, welcome, that this was going to cause such an outpouring grief.

>> she says grief, mourning, all kinds of things. it's quite an homage to the work you've done.

>> it was quite a shock. i knew people wouldn't mind. i wasn't expecting to turn on the news and see the syria crisis and mark darcy is dead on the bbc. but i think it's a tribute, first to jane austen , and then to me, and then to --

>> how is bridget at 51? i have trouble picturing her this old.

>> no, it's very interesting you say that, though, because you have this image of a woman in her 50s.

>> yeah.

>> as sort of a tight gray perm and starting to knit and wearing a shawl.

>> not anymore, but there was a day.

>> i wondered, should i put her age or not? and i thought, you know what, i'm going to do it. because what i'm seeing around me is women are still looking great. they've got it all going on.

>> they've got modern technology in there. she goes on.

>> life goes on, love goes on.

>> how is dating for bridget in this technical world?

>> and also, does she have her same problems of self-worth and her weight and all that stuff too?

>> well, i think like most of us, you imagine she was going to change when she got older and actually she hasn't really. but, again, like a lot of women, she finds herself single and the whole landscape has changed. she didn't even have a mobile phone before. texting, there's online dating , the whole thing's completely different.

>> viagra. none of that was there before.

>> did you see the picture of renee zellweger ? we showed a little split screen.

>> i didn't, no.

>> people are wondering if she --

>> a little bit of something happening there.

>> no, i don't think so. i think it's just one of those pictures that you look at and you go --

>> she's famous. and you get photographed.

>> will there be a film?

>> well, i hope there's a film. it's a little early to be making a film, it would be great if they did.

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