TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Hunger Games, Black Friday are top Google searches

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg breaks down the hottest Google searches of the weekend, including the new “Hunger Games” movie sequel and hot shopping deals for Black Friday.

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>> the weekend trying to get a jump on black friday deals, you're not alone.

>> that's one of the hot e searches on google and daniel is back to fill us in. good morning.

>> good to see you.

>> these are things that spiked a little bit over the weekend.

>> it's like the pulse of the internet. what are people thinking about and checking out online.

>> let's talk first about scandal starker kerry washington also debuting on snl .

>> it's been reported she was pregnant and that may be the one thing people were checking out but it was the performance on snl . they got criticism that there weren't any black female cast members on the show. so they poked fun at that. they addressed it. here she's playing michelle obama and came out as oprah . it was an snl way to address the issue. now people are wondering what's next because they talked about it and loren michaels is committed to it.

>> she had to play michelle obama and oprah and then was called on to play oprah . let's watch it.

>> sure.

>> well, in that case i will leave and in a few minutes, oprah will be here.

>> thank you mrs. obama.

>> the producers of saturday night live would like to apologize to kerry washington for the number of black women she will be asked to play. we made these requests both because ms. washington is an actress of considerable range and talent ant always snl doesn't currently have a black woman in the cast.

>> i'm here.

>> and she's great.

>> she was great.

>> very funny.

>> eminem as well.

>> do you know who else was great? donna richards . right here on the "today" show. they do a great job as you can tell.

>> let's take a look at the next one. the hunger games.

>> yeah, so the next installment of the hunger games movie catching fire is coming out november 22nd and people have been looking this up from the beginning. the trailers have been coming out and the movie starring jennifer lawrence . this is one of the films that could have a big opening. some of the estimates could be 140 to $150 million. i read all the books. it is a very compelling series. lots of buzz online. lots of interest.

>> i can't wait for it. black friday, 2013 . that's going to be a search already. people looking online and trying to find some deals but it's not so much black friday anymore.

>> yeah, officially black friday is still a little ways away after thanksgiving but we turned the corner from halloween. people are thinking about getting these deals. places like amazon are offering black friday daily deals. it's like a catch all term to finding good deals to shopping online and we'll see that leading up through black friday and cyber monday of course. it's a mix of online and off line. you can get these deals from your computer of course too.

>> on your list, i was surprised to see river phoenix. why was he in the news?

>> it turns out this was 20th anniversary of his demise. he died of a drug overdose 20 years ago. there's a new book coming out about him. and just a lot of people have a connection to him still. he was in such popular movies. he played the young indiana jones .

>> hard to believe that was 20 years ago.

>> yeah, hard to imagine and daylight saving time to wrap it all up.

>> yeah if you haven't changed your clock, you should have done it by now. you're in trouble. but we saw people looking up what time is it to ensure they had the right time. people may not trust their devices even though most of them do it automatically. they wanted to make sure they had it right.

>> it's daylight saving not savings.

>> exactly.