TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Scallops + cauliflower = easy weeknight meal

Scallops and cauliflower are both in season, and chef Yuhi Fujinaga demonstrates how to put the two together for a delicious but easy weeknight meal.

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>>> okay. so you're looking for a new idea for a weeknight dinner this week. you need something fast and easy. have you thought about scallops?

>> the executive chef from the sea grill downstairs at rockefeller plaza , a place we love and eat at all the time here with recipes to help us out.

>> thank you very much for having me.

>> let's start with the cauliflower and you use the whole thing?

>> yes. we are going to easily break this down and in general, we just split them in half.

>> do the different colors have different flavors?

>> not really. they look beautiful. flavorful. they all are the same. wher going to actually take the cauliflower and save large stems for later for a little purpose that we're going to keep them raw and do the shaved salad aspect and we're going to take some of the smaller ones and then we're going to break them apart. so we're going to take the smaller pieces and basically take them apart because we have beautiful florets and we're going to use these to caramelize.

>> an after that you take all of these trimmings and we add it all together and we'll poach this in milk so it keeps the white color. once we actually put the cauliflower in until they're fork tender. when we bring up the milk, just make sure that the milk we skim off the top because cauliflower tends to give a little nice funk to it. we're going to try to take the funk off of it as soon as it comes to a boil.

>> take the funk off.

>> i love that. how long does that go in the milk?

>> probably five minutes or so and once it's fork tender we use a knife and once it's cooked we take that and puree it in the blender and it's ready to go.

>> and the scallops take almost no time, too.

>> scallops are usually like less than a minute. everybody has that fear of like worrying about overcooking scallops but in this case it cooks really fast. nice hot pan. what we're going to do is some of the little pointers swer going to score them a little bit.

>> it gives a nice good presentation look and also speeds up the cooking a little bit as well without having the fact of overcooking it. so we are going to just briefly go ahead and score them up and then we're going to start off with a nice good hot pan, olive oil .

>> people with get scallops about anywhere now can't they?

>> pretty much. they're available all yearlong but what makes it is the season is starting up and a lot of varieties are coming up now and we're going to start them off.

>> nice and dry?

>> right. ideally you want it nice and dry until it caramelizes.

>> oh my god.

>> again, nice here.

>> do you have a favorite kind of scallop?

>> i do. my favorite starts off right now november 1st is actually the season. you can come and enjoy it at the restaurant as well. then we'll add butter. lots of butter. always a good thing. take the garlic and mash that upright in there. and herbs and thyme. we'll easily get some color really fast. at this point, you want to just turn off the fire.

>> wow, that smells good.

>> we're just going to use that to baste and then that's it. the scallops are cooked within 45 seconds or so. then we're going to take these scallops right over