TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Leather leggings among hot fashion trends

Al Roker learns all about vegan leather as Lilliana Vazquez, author of “The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style,” talks about some inexpensive and stylish new trends.

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>> leather leggings and plaid shirts should be in full force .

>> yeah, we'll show you how to wear them two ways to get more bang for your buc with the help of if author of the cheap chica's guide to style. good to see you.

>> good to see you guys as well.

>> what will people learn in the book?

>> new ways to score the best deals. when to splurge and when to save and how to remix the clothes you already have. it's a must read for anybody that wants to look good for less.

>> you'll show us different trends women are wearing. we'll see the daytime and nighttime look.

>> exactly.

>> the first trend is the tweed shift dress . we have the day look and the night look.

>> yes.

>> this is a fabulous dress. i found it for under $40 at marshalls. so we actually styled it as a skirt. we layered it with a great sweater and jacket from forever 21 . both under $50 and great little ankle boots and for the night look all we did is bring out the cold in the dress by adding layers necklaces and she also has these gorgeous shoes. it's about elevating the dress.

>> i love the metallics.

>> $40 at marshalls.

>> it's a steal.

>> ladies, looking great. thank you so much.

>>> next, we have leather leggings.

>> al's favorite.

>> kanye's as well.

>> yeah, this is fashion forward.

>> we're taking these leather leggings, they can cost you up to $500 so go for a faux leather like here. we did the utility jacket, a great striped shirt and add in snakeskin booties which makes it very fashion forward. if you want to do it in a more sophisticated way, lisa is pulling it off that way. we added a tweed vest and then stuck to a classic color palate of black and white . that's an easy way to pull off any trend.

>> what's vegan leather ?

>> it's faux leather.

>> is that what we used to call pleather?

>> vegan leather .

>> oh wow.

>> i know, you have to love that.

>> can anyone wear this? because i'm still one of those --

>> i'm not wearing it.

>> you're going to look so good in these.

>> i have yet to buy a pair of leather leggings.

>> you can totally pull it off. just make sure you're covering with a longer shirt.

>> a lot of women don't like it. i can't pull that off.

>> no, where would i wear these? to work?

>> you definitely cannot wear them to work. it's a weekend look.

>> not for you.

>> see, for me, it's like jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend. that's trying too hard. but ladies, you look great.

>> it looks good on you guys.

>> they look great.

>> let's bring allison out. so here's the puffer vest. and women don't like to wear these because they think puffy vests make them look puffy. two easy ways. find a vest that has diagonal quilting so it helps define the waist and bring it in and with a bottom and boot. but on lauren we belted the puffy vest which is a trick i do for a ton of outerwear. it helps to find the waste again. you can glam it up with this vest and a long skirt.

>> let's get the guys in here quickly.

>> come on out boys. how do you do this without looking like a lumber jack.

>> look for plaid pieces. or dress it up a little still laid back with the men's cart g cartigan, a boot and a jean.

>> come on out ladies.

>> i'm a lumber jack.

>> she knows it.

>> i know, i like it.