TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

New ‘selfie’ app getting popular

TODAY’s Natalie Morales says there is no way to take a good “selfie” after the team learn about a new app for making instant self-portraits.

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>> announcer: natalie morales , and willie geist . live from studio 1 -a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> and welcome to today on a monday morning, november 4th , 2013 . i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales . boy, it's cold out there.

>> it is.

>> it is cold.

>> good day to have a beard.

>> it is.

>> good thing we're going for it now.

>> i like the salt that comes through.

>> there's a lot more salt than pepper. that's for sure.

>> we project it out to november 30th . where do you think you come? is that coming down?

>> no.

>> you're going to trim it, right?

>> no, i'm just going to let it go.

>> i'm letting it go.

>> i thought you were just going to do the mustache.

>> i was and then i thought i'm lazy. if i don't have to get up to shave, why not.

>> you and i i think both shaved the night before. it didn't hit me until last night there's something missing in my routine. i don't have to shave.

>> you shaved the night before.

>> yeah.

>> just in case you cut yourself --

>> because you cut yourself up.

>> it saves you three minutes in the morning.

>> save yourself three minutes.

>> it's part of no shave november. we're doing it for a great cause trying to draw awareness to men's health issues. and natalie you have been so kind to participate along with us.

>> i agreed, on said on friday, no waxing the mustache.

>> we got this.

>> i said on friday, the armpits, the legs --

>> let's stop there.

>> you missed it friday. it was already announced.

>> could you recap it for me.

>> you don't have to. you can see that online. go to

>> you said you're going full 70s i sympathy the way you put it.

>> let's leave it there. moving on.

>> okay. no shave november.

>> i tried.

>> no shave november. a little bit of news to talk about at the top. that was a scary incident on friday at l.a.x. more details coming out about the tragic shooting death of a tsa agent at los angeles international airport . about 9:20 in the morning. you see video of people inside the terminal fleeing. paul ciancia of new jersey walked up to a tsa checkpoint, terminal three at l.a.x. using an assault rifle to shoot the tsa officer hernandez at point blank range. but when the officer appeared to move he returned to the lobby shooting him again. he shot a couple of tsa agents and a high school teacher. the suspect is in the hospital in critical condition. there's so many layers to this story. some sources saying he texted his brother saying he was going to commit suicide before the shooting. his father got wofrd of texts and called police.

>> everybody did the right thing.

>> they dropped him off and didn't suspect this was going to happen. it's really horrifying that once again, here we go again and the question this morning, you know, you think that you have all of these extra layers of security at the airports now but the question is -- there's always going to be a way to get in there. we were talking this morning, if you go to the baggage claim area that seems like a pretty easy way to walk right up.

>> there are police. you'll see police or national guard patrolling the ticket areas and stuff. but are they going to start thinking about arming tsa agents.

>> then it's a whole other layer. you have to train them.

>> they're law enforcement .

>> yeah.

>> and some people are saying they should be armed but there are a ton of people armed in airports and this guy was confronted, too late, obviously because we lost the first tsa agent that's ever died in the line of duty since the agency was created in 2001 but he was confronted with gunfire and suppressed.

>> fortunately other police officers stepped in there and were real heros because it could have been much, much worse.

>> yeah and this tsa officer was about to turn 40 this week and has a family.

>> father.

>> tragic, tragic story.

>>> here in new york city yesterday, the marathon went off without a hitch. that was good news amid heightened security less than 7 months after the bombings at the boston marathon . there were at least 1500 cameras positioned along the route. that's in addition to all the thousands that already existed in the city.

>> record numbers. what is it? 50,740 runners this year.

>> it was so cool to see everybody out on the plaza this morning all wrapped in the orange jackets they got after the race and a really inspiring moment as tatyana mcfadden won the women's wheelchair race completing her four marathons in a calendar year. she won four marathons. the boston marathon in april crossing the line hours before the bombs detonated. a week later the london marathon and then her third straight chicago marathon and yesterday wins new york.

>> next she'll be competing in the paraolympics in sochi. she was born in st. petersburg so she gets to go back to her bir birth place.

>> i used to love going and watching at the finish line . you can't help but be inspired. whether you're a runner or not you feel like you can conquer the world . 100-year-old runners crossing the finish line .

>> this young lady today, joan johnston , she is 86 years old. she has run 25 new york marathons. she has done others as well and she fell but she is quite the lady.

>> she showed up this morning. there you go.

>> you guys have both done it. i've never be done the marathon.

>> next year.

>> train together?

>> i'll train with you?

>> next year.

>> i'll help you.

>> natalie will help me out with that.

>> i'll help you.

>> i'll be there. i'll be handing out water.

>> right. he'll be working with the volunteers.

>> 63,000 gallons of water that the volunteers handed out.

>> that's incredible.

>> although i saw the people with the sponges thinking yesterday, did you really need --

>> it's 26 miles . it's not a bad pick me up.

>> everybody on the plaza said the wind yesterday was crazy. you're running into the 29 miles per hour winds.

>> when you come over the bridge too, you hit a little altitude thereunder get the wind on your face. that can't be easy.

>> congrats to everybody that finished that race yesterday.

>> we want to tell you about an app called selfie. it shows a feed of public photos from the people you follow. it only allows you to upload photos when you use the front facing camera on your phone.

>> how does it know?

>> selfies only. similar to snap chat they disappear in a short period of time.

>> am i the only one that's sick of selfies?

>> i'm not a selfie guy.

>> i've taken a selfie or two.

>> 2,000?

>> well, maybe 1,000.

>> but there's people when they have free time they take a selfie and send it out.

>> there's no look good in a selfie. you're either all chin or all forehead.

>> or you do the kim kardashian .

>> well, that's not a bad thing some would say.

>> that was all butt.

>> that was all cheek. all cheek all the time.

>> works for her.

>> it worked for her. look good on you, though.

>> i could never get it right. where do you hold the camera.

>> kanye's always got some place to put a soda.

>> there's a element in there.

>> okay. we have video of david hasslehoff doing the fresh prince of bel-air.

>> let's check it out.

>> here he is. [ music playing ] [ screaming ]

>> the hoff doing the fresh prince of bel-air. come on. people have a lot of free time , don't they.

>> do we have willie as the hoff ?

>> there we go. who's better? willie as the hoff or the hoff as the hoff .

>> ripping that chest hair off caused permanent damage.

>> just wait until halloween next