TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Star of ‘Duck Dynasty’ writes cookbook

Miss Kay, one of the stars of reality TV series “Duck Dynasty,” talks about her new cookbook and whips up an Italian crème cake.

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>> we are back now at 8:39 with the mariarch of the duck dynasty clan.

>> she has a new cookbook ms. kay 's duck commander kitchen and kerry sanders travelled to louisiana to do cooking with her.

>> reporter: duck dynasty. the reality tv show with more than 11 million viewers is all about ducks and family. the robertson family. the robertson 's first made their wealth from the family business selling products for duck hunters, including the duck call named duck commander. the robertson 's men, phil and his brother uncle si and phil 's sons alan, jace, willie, and jep are known for their long beards and then there's the matriarch of the family, ms. kay . he married phil when she was 16 and loves cooking for the whole family. i join with kay to make her son jason's favorite dish. italian cream cake.

>> thank you for letting us join you in your kitchen, i noticed it's not just recipes.

>> well, i can't help but talk about my family. are you crazy? they're my favorite people.

>> reporter: so it's no surprise kay 's love for cooking came from her grandmother.

>> i grew up at my grandmother's kitchen. and i would be there and help her cook since i was a toddler for every shift that came. i also ate with every shift. so maybe why i'm a full figured lady now.

>> do the boys ever join you in the kitchen?

>> now, phil does and certain ones do.

>> it seems to me like you're trying to reach an audience and tell them something about your early days.

>> you make due with whatever circumstances you're in. you just be content and you learn how to love your family and enjoy them through good and bad times . through rich and poor. through headacrt ache and not heart ache .

>> you mention about the boys but the daughters-in-law.

>> i love them. they're the daughters i never had.

>> so we're making this for?

>> corey. it's her birthday.

>> of course no visit to the duck commanders family is complete without a duck call .

>> much better.

>> it doesn't sound like a duck.

>> well, it's a beginning.

>> oh, look, you called in the duck dog.

>> reporter: later, cory's birthday party .

>> so this is what it's really all about?

>> this is it. god, family, ducks.

>> reporter: and our cake.

>> hello. i just whipped this up in my spare time .

>> wow.

>> just for you.

>> thank you.

>> blow them out and i'm going to cut.

>> i'm getting ready.

>> all right.

>> i'm going to give kerry, my new best friend -- can i just give you a bite? can i just feed you a bite. i like the icing first so i thought i'd just give it to.

>> i love it.

>> that is funny.

>> it went in there.

>> happy to report there was only 30 stitches to the mouth.

>> exactly.

>> i see the beards and i'm thinking preview.

>> yeah.

>> over the course of the month we are allowed to trim these.

>> is that true?

>> i didn't know that.

>> oh, absolutely.

>> it's going to get that full.