TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Victorious Red Sox stars shed whiskers on TODAY

Red Sox World Series MVP David Ortiz and the “Flyin Hawaiian” outfielder Shane Victorino get their beards shaved live on TODAY even as the show’s male anchors renounce their razors for No Shave November.

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>> that's what's trending today. meantime, what's happening in boston right now is sure to be trending in the hours that follow. two members of the world champion boston red sox are shaving off those lucky beards. the event raising money for the boston one fund. we'll talk to them in a moment but first the story behind all that facial hair .

>> reporter: it began as so many things in baseball do, at spring training . the boston red sox were coming off a season that saw them finish in last place. after shipping out high priced stars and replacing them with guys that put team over individual achievement, clubhouse chemistry began to kick in. mike napoli began to grow a beard and one by one teammates joined in. almost everyone soon embraced blood, sweat and beards. the beard bonding seemed to help out on the field and the red sox won 12 out of their first 16 games. that growing sense of team was further solidified in the aftermath of the boston marathon bombing which killed three just a mile from fenway park . david ortiz , best summed up the city's wounded but fighting spirit .

>> this is our [ bleep ] city and nobody's going to -- [ inaudible ]

>> as the season continued the razors were put away and the beards and winning streaks grew and grew and grew. a bonding of men in pursuit of a common goal. a little scruffy and now world series champions .

>> we're joined now by world series mvp david ortiz and his teammate shane victorino and they had the trimmers working already this morning. congratulations belatedly. how are you doing?

>> thank you.

>> david , how does it feel to get a little of that off of your face?

>> i feel free now.

>> yeah, you feel better? talk a little bit about the cause, david . the boston one fund.

>> well, like everybody knows, this year we went through a situation early with the bombing during the marathon and one of the guys come up with an idea of letting the beard grow and here we are.

>> shane, let me bring you in here. obviously the facial hair didn't help you hit better or field better. that can't happen. but it did bring this team together and i want to know why. what was the bond in this?

>> you know, i think it was one of those things, at the start of spring training we all bought in. we were going to be a brotherhood. we were going to go out there every single night and play as one team. you know, the tragedies we faced as a city and resilience brought us closer together to be one team and it's a storybook ending to what happened. i look like i'm 12 right now.

>> you do look a little different. i'm sure it's nice to get some of that off. so the question is shane and david , this works so well this year, you get to spring training next year, are you growing them again?

>> i will.

>> i'm going to start the whole off season. so i don't know what my beard is going to be called.

>> got it figured out from the beginning.

>> you guys look good. enjoy the clean up and congratulations again on the world championship . i'm a born and raised yankee fan but i like what had you guys did this year and i felt great for the city of boston .

>> thanks, matt.

>> thank you.

>> hang with it.

>> i'll try. thank you. david ortiz and shane victorino .