TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

In-flight footsie and other airplane etiquette

There’s a fine line between getting comfortable on a plane and completely disregarding personal space, and it turns out that line is in the form of a sock. The TODAY anchors discuss their pet peeves in public spaces, like when a stranger removes their socks as well as their shoes in flight.

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>> trending on the new york times, just plain outrageous? somehow it's okay for folks to take off their shoes while flying and socks as well.

>> you had this happen the other day.

>> i did and feet up on the --

>> no socks?

>> bare feet.

>> in the summer a lot of people wear shoes without socks and then they take their shoes off and put them up there. can i ask a question, when you do that and people take their shoes off and socks as well, have you ever seen them then go into the bathroom?

>> i have.

>> gross.

>> i have to tell you, i was once on the transatlantic flight and in my 20s and some guy took off his shoes and socks and there was a smell and i said is there anyway you could just move me somewhere else and i'm sorry the plane is full.

>> yeah.

>> what's going on with that.

>> she walked by suddenly --

>> spraying?

>> it didn't help.

>> it's not the odor. i just wouldn't do that at someone else 's house.

>> i had it yesterday. five hour flight, a man's big nasty foot. all i could think of was tough action. took into it.