TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Ellen releases Al Roker’s ’Fifty Shades’ audition tape

It looks like Al’s keeping a secret from the rest of the TODAY team. Ellen DeGeneres outed Al on her television show by giving her audience an exclusive peek at his “unedited” secret audition tape for the role of Christian Grey.

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>> al, your secret is out. we thought you were happy here but you have been out auditioning.

>> i know.

>> apparently we missed that one of our very own has been trying out for 50 shades of grey. fortunately ellen is on it and unearthed the secret audition tape for us.

>> i'd love to share a bedroom with anybody that i am currently working with. i love looking at people changing. i don't love the normal every day stuff. i love to see fear in her eyes. i've got problems.

>> real unedited tape.

>> well, you know, oprah went out for the butler, so i decided i'd do 50 shades.

>> how did that go?

>> it didn't go so well.