TODAY   |  November 04, 2013

Skydivers jump after planes collide

Nine skydivers and a pilot made a life-saving leap after their plane collided with another plane at 12,000 feet above the ground.

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>> working to piece together a terrifying crash that happened over the weekend. two small planes collided in mid-air forcing that group to leap to safety. kevin has the details on this. kevin , good morning.

>> matt, just imagine, falling out of the sky at 120 miles per hour all the while dodging flames and metal debris. well that's what happened to survivors of a plane crash on saturday, 12,000 feet in the air.

>> it was a big screeching and then a boom. big explosion.

>> that was the scene in the skies above wisconsin saturday evening when two small planes collided in midair. the nine sky divers aboard and one of the pilots all parachuted to safety avoiding burning debris on the way down. the other pilot managed to land the damaged plane at the nearby airport.

>> we could see the burning airplane come apart into three pieces that i could see.

>> as sky divers, we live for the excitement but tonight was a little bit over the top .

>> reporter: the two planes were flying in a tandem formation when the trailing plane was caught in the lead plane's tale wind causing it to come over the top of it clipping it's wings off and sparking a fire ball in the air.

>> you hear this loud bang. you see the wing come off and see it on fire. it's right there five feet from you.

>> reporter: the wreckage narrowly avoided witnesses on the ground.

>> it seemed to us like that could have came right through my building. it was that close where it landed.

>> reporter: the only injuries were minor ones to the pilot of the trailing plane from his rough landing. 11 thrill seekers narrowly avoiding a potential tragedy.

>> very lucky. any time two planes collide in the air it's a potential disaster for everybody involved. so we were all very lucky here.

>> reporter: investigators are now busy gathering up all the debris spread out here in superior wisconsin after an accident that could have had a very different ending, matt.

>> sure could have. kevin , thank you very much.