Image: Alma Deutscher, an 8-year-old musical prodigy

TODAY   |  November 03, 2013

Listen as musical prodigy, 8, plays piano live on TODAY

“I want to be Alma, not Mozart,” said Alma Deutscher, a little girl from Britain with a talent that has been compared to the famous composer. Deutscher has already written two operas, and showed off her skills live on TODAY.

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>> she's at a music studio composing an opera she's composed. it's her second.

>> reporter: alma is only 8 years old. i last met her at her home in england a year ago. she also plays the violin. she was composing, her father helping her write it down. that sonata is now being recorded and released. it seems nothing phases her, but her dad always gets a case of the butterflies.

>> i get quite nervous when she performs, much more than she does.

>> why is that?

>> because i want everything to turn out well.

>> reporter: back in the recording studio alma is working hard. she knows exactly what she wants.

>> i think it's still a little bit flat.

>> reporter: what can the future hold for this extraordinarily gifted child .

>> everything, everything she wants. she's not just writing beautiful music , but she's really inspiring by her personality.

>> reporter: there's still time for child's play. during a break outcomes the jump rope .

>> it's beautiful what you're doing here.

>> thank you.

>> are you happy with it, how it's going?

>> yes.

>> reporter: listening to newsic, everyone seems pleased with this first recording of cinderella the opera by alma deutscher, age 8. for "today," annabel roberts, london.

>> welcome to new york .

>> thank you.

>> i have been thrilled all morning long to have you here. when did you realize you had this passion and talent for music?

>> well, i think i always loved music even from when i was born. but when i was 13 '3 and i listened to this beautiful lullaby and i loved it. i said to my parents how can music be so beautiful .

>> that's a good question.

>> some of us are saying that as we listen to you. your music is so beautiful . you write this. in a little bit you'll play a song that you composed. how does that come to you? how does that happen?

>> well, the funny thing is i try to do beautiful melodies and it usually never comes and my mind goes blank. when i'm resting or even in bed or skipping with my rope, then melodies stream into my head. for example, a few days ago when i was in bed resting in the middle of the night , i got this beautiful melody. and i got out of bed and i wrote it in my pencil in the night, and it took quite a long time. the next day breakfast, my parents wondered why i look so sleepy.

>> you have a beautiful sleeping voice. people keep calling you the next mozart , is that a compliment?

>> well, i love mozart very much. he's probably my favorite composer, but i don't like it when people call me littlest mozart . i don't like being called little. i'm very big. secondly, if i wrote everything that mozart wrote again, it would be boring. i want to be alma, not mozart .

>> you are alma. one-of-a-kind. if anyone doesn't know that, you're going to play it for us.

>> i'm now playing what i wrote.

>> take it away.

>> bravo. amazing. that is absolutely amazing.

>> what's fun, too, when we watch you play, you're clearly enjoying yourself. you're smiling all the time.

>> the album is called "the music of alma deutscher."