TODAY   |  November 03, 2013

If not knitting for nine hours, what could you watch?

A Norwegian public broadcaster aired nine hours of knitting this weekend, and TODAY viewers weighed in on what they could watch for hours on end. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo said that, for her, it’s Beyoncé music videos.

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>> a norwegian television special where they featured knitting, knitting for nine hours. some among us mocked that idea.

>> we did. and we wondered what would capture your attention for nine hours if perhaps it was not the knitting. we decided nine hours would be a long time.

>> seven, eight tops.

>> we asked you that question. mara is back in the orange room this morning with some of your answers.

>> we got some pretty interesting responses from our viewers about what would capture your attention for nine hours. some people said puppies which may sound change until you think about "the puppy bowl ." one direction, of course, shopping, your iphone. we've all been caught in a time vor fex. someone said adam levine . we have tweets here. marty bray says it's football, every sunday. the nfl red zone with my laptop opened to my fantasy football . debra says the only thing i can watch for nine hours is dancing. yesterday i said jokingly the only thing that would get my attention for nine hours was sleep. this got me thinking. there is one thing that would get my attention, probably watching youtube videos of beyonce.

>> that's borderline obsession.

>> is that a healthy obsession?

>> for me maybe gilligan's island reruns.

>> a nine-hour gilligan's marathon.

>> you do get stuck in marathons.

>> with bing tv watching, some of us have done that.