TODAY   |  November 03, 2013

Skydivers safe after planes collide in mid-air

Two groups of skydivers are thrilled to be back on solid ground after a frightening incident in the skies above Wisconsin Saturday night. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> two groups of sky drivers are thrilled to be back on the ground after a frightening incident at 12,000 feet. nirn sky drivers and two pilots are lucky to be alive following an accident in the skies above northern wisconsin saturday night.

>> as sky drivers, we live for the excitement. but tonight was a little bit over the top .

>> reporter: two small planes, both cessnas collided at 12,000 feet just as the sky drivers were set to make their jumps.

>> the trail plane came over the top , hit the lead plane.

>> reporter: but with their shuts already on, the sky drivers quickly bailed.

>> you hear this tremendous loud bang. you see the wing come off, you see it on fire. it's right there.

>> reporter: the pilot in the more seriously damaged plane managed to grab an emergency shoot and escaped ditching the aircraft. he suffered cuts and scrapes. the other pilot was able to land his damaged plane. a very close call and more of an adventure than these sky divers ever bargained for. that's for sure. also very fortunate are those on the ground. no reports of any serious damage or injuries.