TODAY   |  November 03, 2013

Sen. Schumer endorses Hillary Clinton for president

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer publicly urged Hillary Clinton to run for president at an event in Iowa Saturday, vowing his "full and unwavering" support. TODAY’s Lester Holt interviews NBC’s David Gregory about the potential political impact.

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>>> there is another race that started to heat up even though we're less than a year into president obama 's second term. talking about the race for president. last night new york senator chuck schumer urged hillary clinton to run for the white house saying she'd looet lead his party to victory. today new jersey governor chris christie is traveling around new jersey as he runs for re-election in what's widely seen as a test run for president himself. david gregory , moderator of "meet the press." great to see you.

>> thanks.

>> schumer says she has his full and unwavering support. with her his party with vanquish ted cruz , the tea party republicans in 2016 . i'm curious, does this start to sound like the beginning of a series of coordinated and carefully timed endorsements to give her campaign a ring of invincibility?

>> i think you're right. i think that's the right instinct. i've talked to supporters of hillary clinton . they're unabashed about she's running, that all signs point to it. even though there are some who cling to the idea that she needs to be persuaded to make the final decision. maybe that's the case. but it's all lining up that way. i would be careful about an air of inevitability. that's what she had with barack obama and we know how that turned out. she has to have a way to recalibrate that, have a message that's her own while at the same time sticking very close to barack obama . that's the legacy. she's served in his administration, that she's going to want to carry on.

>> wonder if it's also meant to discourage other democratic challenge.

>> good question. there's a likes of elizabeth warren or anyone who would challenge hillary clinton from the left with a more progressive approach. we typically see that in primary fights. i think there will be early rumblings of that.

>> on the republican side we mentioned new jersey governor chris christie facing election with bag lead. but still has something like 90 stops on his bus tour. does he appear to be testing the waters for apartmental run?

>> without a doubt. look at the language he's using. he spoke to our colleague kelly o'donnell overnight, and he was making the point that he knows new jersey will be looked at. that there will be reverberations. he wants to be a leadership model for the republican party . think about the republican party right now. there's actually governance going on among republican governors and more opposition going on at the national level, resistance to president obama 's policies. i think chris christie is going to lay his case out there and say i've led, i've governed and here is a blueprint for how a republican can do it. it reminds me a lot of former president bush , while he came from a republican state of texas , built on the idea of governance and getting along with democrats.

>> mitt romney took a pass on christie as a running mate. kelly o'donnell caught up with christie about asked him about this new book that says mitt romney had serious concerns about christie because of some baggage. here is what he had to say.

>> when the romney team talks about land mines during the vetting process last time around, does that plant any seeds of concern?

>> no. because any of that stuff that was in the book was the stuff litigated in the 2009 campaign and litigated again in the future. i understand that. the fact is these are two guys trying to sell a book.

>> i've got to tell you. if there are land mines out there, doesn't it work to his advantage to get those out now so they don't become an issue if he runs?

>> maybe not now. also in the book, governor christie saying some of these may have been litigated in 2009 , but not in the governor's race. when you run for president it's a whole different level of scrutiny. i think governor christie understands that. i think he also understands his weight, his health is going to be an issue. that was something that weighed on the mind of governor romney.