TODAY   |  November 03, 2013

Travelers unnerved in wake of LAX shooting

Security experts say Friday’s shooting, while tragic, could’ve been worse if not for the stepped-up security that was put in place after the September 11th terrorist attacks. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> this attack at los angeles international airport has travelers across the country wondering how safe they are and if there's really any way to prevent a shooting spree like this. kristen welker.

>> they screen about 1.8 million passengers every day and they say what happened on friday is incredibly rare. still, some security experts say it may be an indication that there should be some changes. in the wake of the shooting at lax, some travelers in this country remain unnerved.

>> obviously all of us were shocked and sad denned that we've had another incident.

>> surprise and concern for anyone that was there and involved.

>> reporter: security experts say travelers at airports and train stations are far safer in the wake of september 11th when tsa was formed. the agency has swelled to more than 50,000 employees. experts also say friday's shooting while tragic could have been worse if not for the stepped up security.

>> it could have been a large massacre, thwarted by the actions of police and tsa.

>> former fbi agent james cavanaugh says they need to consider beefing up security outside the airport.

>> it could be done in a variety of ways, more cameras, maybe armed police outside. there's all kinds of little things that can help. they've got to make those assessments on the ground without impeding the flow of traffic in a place like lax.

>> reporter: an official with the tsa says they are not currently considering such a move. and with nearly 1.8 million passengers flying every day in this country, shootings at airports are rare, fewer than ten in the u.s. since the 9/11 attacks. while this latest incident will undoubtedly raise questions about safety measures, experts emphasize travelers also play a critical role.

>> an alert passenger and travel her is a safer passenger and travel her.

>> reporter: tsa officials also tell me on average they intercept about 30 firearms and other dangerous weapons every week. they also say they have beefed up their security support systems at places like train stations in the wake of the 2004 madrid bombings . still, in the wake of this latest incident, investigators will undoubtedly ask if more could have been done.

>> kristen welker this morning. thanks.