TODAY   |  November 02, 2013

Bike courier cruises with cat as co-pilot

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but that’s not the case for Philadelphia bike messenger Rudi Saldia. NBC’s Ben Aaron reports.

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>> you know, dogs get all of the good pr about being the faithful companions and man's best friend rx? but a philadelphia man who has got a favorite cat who is his best companion.

>> a cat does get --

>> i love cats.

>> i would be a cat lady but my husband is allergic.

>> hang out with my cat lula.

>> i would love<4w that.

>> another cat who really spends all of her time hanging with her

favoria : s guy all around town and they really do travel in style. here is more.

>> reporter: most cyclists choose to ride solo. their only companion is vq bicycle and the open road but one who never bikes alone. he brings his friend.

>> let's go.

>> reporter: who is this?

>> this is mary jane . she's my company on the bike. she's about 15 months old and she's been riding her whole life. i took her out after she was 2month-old actually on street right here. we went down one end and came back and she didn't hate it.

>> reporter: now you go all over with m.j. on your shoulder?

>> furthest we have gone out on a single ride is 25 miles .

>> reporter: wow. like you're wingmen?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: do you guys kind of work together on the bike or do you do your thing and you know m.j. is sticking with you the entire time?

>> i can read her body language so i know when she is a little uncomfortable. when she will do is switch from one shoulder to the other and then she is fine.

>> reporter: no doubt m.j. loves the wind in her fur, but people not so much. do you think i could try to maybe?

>> no one hak5we tried since she has been this size but you're more than welcome to.

>> reporter: really? now that we're acquainted, it was time to get to business so we couldn't hang out with you today without you taking me on a bike ride.

>> of course.

>> reporter: i want to warn you, i haven't ridden a bike in quite a while, like 15 years. following rudy and m.j. through the winding streets in philadelphia and after a little wobbling, a few bumps, and a run away camera, we are good, we are good. i finally got the hang of it. still not ready for a wild one on my back but a stuffed one? absolutely! as for rudy, he'll stick to his favorite cat co-pilot.

>> she just has always love it. you know, i've never gotten a bad vibe from her and that's why we continue driving. yes, that's exciting,