TODAY   |  November 02, 2013

Dylan marches with the Ohio State marching band

The "best damn band in the land" steals the show during halftime at OSU football games, getting millions of hits on YouTube for their stunts. They taught TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer how to perform one of their oldest traditions: dotting the "i" in their iconic "Ohio" formation.

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>> get to learn one of the oldest and toughest band routines across the country and i was actually given the privilege of dotting the i in that ohio and let's just say i'm still recovering from it.y

>> reporter: before they were super. magical. or thrillers. the best band in the land had one consistent crowd pleaser. the script ohio and ohio state half time tradition since 1936 . the rhine knooutine known to everyone in the buckeye state but not to this jersey girl . wow. complicated.

>> reporter: is that what i used to do? that's right. i get to dot the i. the top honor in ohio . that's is some dreams to get to the senior year and dot the i.

>> it's the dream of ohio since they were this high.

>> i never had one lesson but i needed a little training from the expert. hello.

>> good to meet you.

>> nice to meet you too. first up, %?tv?marching. how hard can it be? okay.

>> bring that in. this is parallel and this is perpendicular to the ground.

>> okay. that is every step?

>> every step.

>> reporter: that is exhausting!

>> yep.

>> reporter: well, i missed -- i need focus right now. my foot is cramping ?m eight. this isn't going well. i know what i'm missing. this is a lot of weight on my shoulders. a 40-pound saxophone. that will make things easier. and throw in some high kicks . do i have to hop like that? unfortunately, it's too late for me to grow any arm muscles. oh, no! rehearsal time is over. ready or not, here we go.

>> 1, 2, ready, turn!

>> reporter: i'm feeling pretty good until my first crossing point. i'm quickly becoming a liability. sorry! after three minutes of colliding -- i mean, marching, the grand finale . a quick high five, my signal to go dot that i! my arms are shaking. i'm out of breath! but i am sure full of pride! yes! i could play this all day!

>> that weighs 40 pounds. then when you try to take your hat off and do this.

>> watch yourself.

>> they make it look easy. they are so good at it but it looks like a lot of hard work.

>> it is a lot of hard work and everyone who dots the i only dots the i once. they have to be a senior and played in the band all four years and they have to audition to even get the chance to dot the