TODAY   |  November 03, 2013

Norwegian TV station broadcasts knitting special

A television station in Norway is embracing a concept called “slow TV” and on Friday night it broadcast a nine-hour special devoted to knitting. TODAY’s Dylan Dryer reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> in norway, beyond kids and jobs another yes answer when it comes to a live knitting. a live knitting broadcast. h knitting? >>

>> we have been waiting years for this. a nine-hour extravaganza. dylan has more.

>> it start with four hours of shooep sheari sheep shearing and went five hours to knitting and got me thinking is there something we would watch for nine hours? it's funny because there are. i mean, think about it. will and kate outside the hospital door. how many hours did we wait for them to come on? also the smoke out of the sistine chapel , we will wait for that. yuletide around the fireplace? sure, there are things we would watch for nine hours. knitting , i'm not sure how i think about that but it got us thinking what would capture your attention nine hours at a time? tweet us. what are people saying on the plaza?

>> another one thing that would hold my attention for nine hours is sleep and probably about the only thing. we wanted to know what people out here thought. by show of your paddle, would you watch nine hours of knitting ?

>> no!

>> no. is there one knitting fan in the group? no. yes, there is one over there! so we have a lone knitting fan so i guess everything they say about our attention span is true. nine hours of knitting looks like a no-go out here with the crowd on the plaza.

>> you need a sports announcer. he has the needle and now hee is putting it in a pearl knit. i don't know the terminology.

>> he is pearling three! look at that!

>> that would bring some excitement to it.

>> maybe we should talk to our associates at nbc sports about that.

>> or a fight could break out like hockey?

>> that would make it interesting.