TODAY   |  November 02, 2013

Will Ford reprise Solo? It's a 'work in progress'

Harrison Ford tells TODAY's Erica Hill that his latest movie, "Ender’s Game," is perfect for families. But it was his answer to if he'd return to the next "Star Wars" film that could get fans talking.

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>>> " star wars ," harrison ford returns to a new movie called "the enders game ." ford plays a commander in a global military force who must find the best young mind to save the human race from an alien attack .

>> we need minds like yours, ender. young people integrate complex data more easily than adults. if there is a chance and because of you, they might leave us alone forever, then i have to ask you to come with me.. -x

>> it's what i was born for, right.

>> reporter: harrison ford is with us this morning. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i wasn't sure what to expect because i haven't read the book which is helpful going into it. it draws you right in.

>> well, that's good. it's a 28-year-old book that predicted the internet 28 years ago, predicted drone war fare, and so there's, you know, a sort of -- there is a real intelligence behind the telling of this story. these young people are not being trained for a war for some national advantage or for religion or economic opportunity. this is a war against an alien life form that comes from another part of the galaxy and threatens life on earth .

>> right. even though this is originally written as a young adult , the theme here is very much an adult one. is there something you would like to see as a takeaway for people? because it's kind of a thinking movie.

>> it's a thinking movie but i'm not sure that i would like to pronounce a message for it because i think that kind of robs you of being able to participate. i think it's a great movie for young people and their parents to see together, because i think it will create -- the questions will be asked and, hopefully, in a family setting you might find some answers. it concerns things like the responsibilities of growing up and facing military training , bullying are a lot of the things that -- that you experience when you see this film.

>> there's a line at one point in the movie and i don't want to give too much away, that talks about a theme i think leach parents may talk about with their ki*y it's not always whether you win but how you play the game is essentially going other. how much of that did you feel going into this and once you read the script and you knew a little bit more about the part?

>> 7x-? well, you know, the character -- i don't -- i find it hard to judge a character that i'm going to play. it's often said that -- about actors that they need to love the character they are playing. i don't --

>> you don't need to love them? you don't need to love the colonel?

>> no. but i think i understand what he is doing. and what he is doing is what the military dick 80s that he has to do. to train this young man and don't worry about it afterwards.

>> before we let you go, i know you said you would love to reprise indiana jones and talk about hans solo. would you like to talk about that?

>> i'm not able to say much about it at this point.

>> so we will read into that whatever we want to read into that, how is that?

>> a work in progress .

>> a work in progress . thanks for coming by. appreciate that.< the move is " enders game ." and it's in movies nationwide.