TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Cook up a classic with this roast chicken recipe

Chef Marc Murphy puts a French twist on roast chicken and vegetables with this simple and delicious recipe.

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>>> chicken could be a little boring but not today. a one pot chicken and vegetable recipe with a french twist .

>> it's so simple, healthy, delicious, mark murphy put it on the menu of his new restaurant here in new york city . good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> your team ended up with kale which is the hottest vegetables.

>> it is and i decided i have to use that stuff. i started researching kale and there's all sorts of different kales. so on my menu i have a grilled kale salad. some of it we're blanching it and the rest i'm throwing on a grill. it's simple. it's let me juice, olive oil and lemon zest and then almonds in there.

>> this is so good for you.

>> it's good for you.

>> friends with benefits.

>> exactly. i was looking up some of the interesting facts about it and it's a heck of a green. it has vitamin c , vitamin a, vitamin k . i don't know what vitamin k does but it's got to do something good for you. it's called a vitamin. then we're going to toss it with beautiful green olives and some ald mondaalmonds which i toast. don't use them raw. you're allergic to them sometimes if they're raw but if you toast them a little bit --

>> add cheese to that.

>> and then garnish it.

>> let's get to the main event .

>> all right.

>> that's what we're all about here.

>> how do you dress it.

>> hello chicken. how are you?

>> works every time.

>> and you have to put some salt.

>> you have to get intimate with your chicken.

>> you have to get in there and put salt and pepper and seasoning. i have thyme and rosemary and garlic. i already stuffed this little guy here.

>> but the other neat thing is you're going to cook it in the pan with vegetables.

>> very simple, make a figure 8 like this, come around and keep these guys close and flip her over and tie it.

>> tie.

>> it's so simple. but go around twice so the knot doesn't slip.

>> put that in the pan.

>> we have like 30 seconds. we're doing the speed version.

>> a little olive oil on here.

>> crisp up the skin nicely.

>> then your salt and pepper .

>> let's go where we have the finished deal.

>> in the oven in the one pot.

>> there we go.

>> that is perfect.

>> did you put the vegetables in after? later?

>> about 15 minutes into the cooking process.

>> the juices are more combined.

>> you want the juices to be part of your dish.

>> how long would a chicken of that size --

>> i'll take a little bit of kale.

>> how long do you want to let it sit?

>> at least ten minutes. you want the juices to relax.