TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Popular household products put to the test

From modern vacuum cleaners to nonstick omelet pans, check out which products made the cut when consumer experts put them to the test.

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>> new vacuum or next best kitchen tool or looking for a quick fashion fix, it can be overwhelming.

>> well, consumer reports tests thousands of products a year. mandy walker is here with some that work well and some you may not think is worth it.

>> may want to skip it.

>> let's start off with what everybody needs.

>> pans.

>> pots and pans. this is a nonstick that did great in our test. we cook pancakes to see how evenly it cooks. did great there. put fried eggs in to see howell the nonstick part works and then we take steel wool and scrape it over the non-stick pan about 2,000 times and it was like --

>> wow.

>> a lot of times the cheaper ones chip.

>> then you have a problem but this one did great.

>> all right.

>> very good. worth your money.

>> yeah.

>> over here, let's talk about -- this is the chair yot.

>> some of that $14, $15. you can get it online.

>> just have to push it down and --

>> eat a lot of olives i guess.

>> so the mess stays in the machine. it doesn't get on you and it comes right up and you can take it apart and put it in the dishwasher.

>> good for recipes.

>> or if you're making a cherry pie .

>> i love the thought of this thing. this is the i robot vacuum.

>> it is and it does a random pattern and it cleaned up the fruit loops and the sand and the paper and everything we put on the ground.

>> it has a remote control.

>> it does and it can do a spot clean. if you have one area where you have a bunch of things on the floor it will do that as well.

>> it know where is the dirt is.

>> it goes around in a random pattern but it repeats it so many times that it picks everything up.

>> great. these are the things your team wasn't so in love with.

>> let's start with the rollie egg master.

>> crazy like an egg on a stick.

>> this could be handy on my way out in the morning.

>> this is good to grab and run. the problem with it is --

>> there you go.

>> it takes about 8 minutes or so to cook. so if you're feeding a family of four.

>> 32 minutes.

>> unless you get four of them.

>> and it costs $30 plus shipping and handling. the pan is $40 and you can cook for a family quickly. you have more alternatives.

>> if you like your egg to look like a hot dog --

>> it takes 6 to 8 minutes to cook an egg what makes it special, though, is the fact that you do not need to hover over a pan and tasty eggs on a stick for on the go meals are fun cooking for the entire family with no dirty dishes. i like the egg on a stick idea.

>> okay. so next we have the buttoneer and it can put it on with just the little machine here without needle and thread. so you have to put in the little plastic piece and it only work with small buttons. we found it didn't work well on some materials. especially thicker materials. you have to position it in and push it through and then hold it down and plunge it on.

>> it didn't work.

>> it didn't work.

>> we have gotten it to work but a lot of materials. it was kind of a pain.

>> they say it is a long lived product over 20 years has had thousands of fan who is have found it both usable and effective. we'll take consumer reports comment with thanks and make them part of our regular product review.

>> sounds good.

>> first we're going to take a look at the infomercial and you'll talk about this product.

>> do you love the look of sleeveless dresses but hate