TODAY   |  November 01, 2013

Katy Perry: Mick Jagger hit on me when I was 18

Singing superstar Katy Perry claims that Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger once made a pass at her when she was 18. The rock icon has denied the encounter, saying Perry may have him confused with someone else.

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>> yeah but that was a long time ago and since then he has been very kind and i got to play beast of burden, i got to sing beast of burden with him on their stage on tour.

>> so she is doing this australian radio show and apparently she is about 18 years old singing background vocals for him. he takes her out to dinner and makes a pass at her.

>> so she says.

>> so she says. so his representative says is this true. he said not true but as she said right there it was 2011 . they have worked together again. he's a nice guy . so all is good but after this accusation who knows where it's going to go.

>> who knows. in fact, we reached out. mick jagger 's representative says he categorically denies he ever made a pass at katy perry . perhaps she is confusing him with someone else .

>> i don't think you would confuse mick jagger with someone else .

>> what i was saying.

>> not the end of the story.

>> photo of the week, heidi klum who is always known for her over the top costume at new york city club marquee, this year did she outdo herself.

>> this is the party you want at. scary dollhouse was the theme. my friends, that would be super mod model heidi klum as an old woman. look at the veins. everything. she uses the same stylist and same make up people every year. she didn't do the party last year because of hurricane sandy so they were ready for it this year. all the celebrities go out.

>> she even did the legs and the hands. it's amazing.

>> and when she was with seal he would get decked out as well. she takes it very seriously.

>> another angle.

>> 2010 she did transformer.

>> yeah, she was a human body , she was a hindu goodess. it's phenomenal.

>> this one features beyonce and i love this selfie. she just sneaks up behind her fan.

>> so this 15-year-old girl is in australia at the concert and she makes her way to the front of the stage and snaps a shot and looks like beyonce is photo bombing. the picture went viral and everybody said i can't believe beyonce photo bombed. turns out the girl said i asked in the middle of the song can i get a photo and she said yes so if you look closely she is still singing. she is mid song and shaking one girls hand and also taking a photo with another girl. that's true talent.

>> that's multitasking.

>> that's impressive.

>> amazing.

>> tweet of the week comes from ricky gervais . he always has something to say.

>> he had 5 million followers. a great follow. if you're in hollywood or upper east side new york be extra careful. it's not just recent cosmetic surgery before you say nice costume. i've done this before. not the cosmetic surgery thing. but i walked up to a co-worker two years ago and said love the outfit. i'm not dressed up jason. it is an awkward thing.

>> is your relationship with seacrest still good?

>> we don't have the time now.

>> our sneak peek finally, latest trailer, martin scorsese 's the wolf of wall street .

>> excited about this one. they pushed the start date . it's coming out now christmas day which now makes it eligible for oscars.

>> there's a lot of oscar buzz.

>> so leo is in it and jonah hill is in it. matthew mcconaughey is in it. a great movie. a lot of buzz. this thing has been in production for awhile now. finally it has an opening date on christmas.

>> if it's martin scorsese there's usually an oscar to follow. thank you.

>> thank you so much.

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